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Toys R Us Reveals TMNT Exclusives For SDCC 2016

There are hundreds of comic conventions held all over the country, but only one has the prestige of being colloquially referred to as Comic-con: SDCC! Every year, the geek world lights up for an entire week with all kinds of awesome news about comic books, movies and toys. San Diego Comic-con also brings the promise of exclusive collectibles, and this year’s convention will definitely continue that tradition. As a matter of fact, Toys R Us has already announced plans for their TMNT exclusives, and they’re all looking pretty darn awesome!

Two of these TMNT exclusives will be Mega Bloks sets based on the original Mirage comics. If you’re familiar with the early days of the franchise, one look at these sets will make you nostalgic for the good old days. The first set is based on the first meeting with Casey Jones and is set in Kirby O’Neil’s Second Time Around Shop. The second set has Leo facing off against Shredder amid the sign for Chet’s Toys. Combined, both sets will take you back to some of the earliest issues of the comics.

This TMNT exclusive Mega Bloks set will feature Casey Jones and Raphael inside of Kirby O'Neil's Second Time Around shop. Source: Toys R Us.
This TMNT exclusive Mega Bloks set will feature Casey Jones and Raphael inside of Kirby O’Neil’s Second Time Around shop. Source: Toys R Us.

Although Toys R Us has already begun to sell the individual Mega Bloks TMNT figures in some stores, we haven’t yet seen these sets on store shelves. Speaking of which, both of these sets are also planned for release later this year in Toys R Us stores all over the country. A lot of people have been enjoying the Ninja Turtles Mega Bloks figures, so chances are that these will be quite popular. There have been a lot of TMNT toys based on the original comic books from Mirage Studios, but these might actually be the most authentic recreations we’ve ever seen.

As if these two Mega Bloks TMNT exclusives weren’t awesome enough, Toys R Us also has plans to release two awesome Kid Robot vinyls of Shredder and a Triceraton. The Shredder vinyl will have a green paint job, while the Triceraton will have a somewhat normal design. Much like the Mega Bloks, these exclusive collectibles will be available elsewhere. I know what you’re thinking: what makes these so darn exclusive if they’re going to be widely available? Well, that’s what a lot of geeks have been wondering about these SDCC “exclusives” over the past few years. That being said, these are some pretty awesome Ninja Turtles collectibles that fans will definitely enjoy.

Will you be picking up these awesome so-called TMNT exclusives? What are your thoughts on collectibles designed to be sold only at San Diego Comic-con? Share your opinion in the comments or on facebook/twitter.

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