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Electric Trailer For Casey Jones: Live Wire Debuts!

by Chris M. P.

GOONGALA! Casey Jones fans rejoice! The trailer for a radical looking new TMNT fan film has emerged from the sewers!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Casey Jones

The team at Chromatic Phantom is excited to release the official trailer for Casey Jones: Live Wire, a blast from the past short fan film exploring an all new adventure within the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe!

When street vigilante Casey Jones confiscates a futuristic gun from a criminal, he begins to question his brand of justice, but after footage of the fight spreads, girlfriend April O’Neil warns that he may be drawing the unwanted attention of a dark and powerful organization!

Actor and musician Adam Michaels (Casey Jones), together with actress Kali Libby (April O’Neil) are the leading actors of the film. Michaels, having starred in productions of Rock of Ages & Dee Snider’s: Rock & Rock Christmas Tale, carries the energy and charm you’d expect from the boisterous character.

The film also features the hilarious Greg Foster in addition to lead stunt/actor Kai Young ( Chicago P.D.), Cody Evans and Phiip Soulides (Marvel Universe Live), Jacob Bates, Jon Beal, Professional Bodybuilder Derrick Simmons Jr, and musician WAVE MMLZ.

After Chromatic Phantoms successful Kickstarter campaign in fall of 2020 the production started principle photography in February 2021. The film promises to carry the spirit of the 80’s and 90’s TMNT and update it for audiences.

“We wanted to revisit the energy and aesthetic of what we all loved about Ninja Turtles to begin with. A big part of it was having roots in 80’s culture. The 1990 film really created the Bible for us as far as what works for a TMNT film. It had to be light hearted but still have tons of butt kicking”, says co-director & producer Chaz Dray.Kai & Stranger Things collided with the world of TMNT. The short is really functioning as a pilot “Together we approached it as what if Cobra Kai & Stranger Things collided with the world of TMNT. The short is really functioning as a pilot episode of sorts.”

Casey Jones: Live Wire is set to premiere Fall of 2021 on Chromatic Phantoms Youtube channel along with a radical music video shot for the film with characters playing along, reminiscent of the old “Coming Out of Their Shells” Tour from the early 90’s.

In addition to the trailer, Chromatic Phantom has also launched an Indiegogo campaign that runs until June 20th, to allow Ninja Turtle fans one last chance to get their name in the credits of the film and pre-order a Casey Jones: Live Wire Blu-Ray, plus a whole collection of other fun merchandise. Funds will also assist with post production of the film. 

So throw a “like”, “follow”, or even a couple shillings to show some radical support for this excellent looking fan film, dudes and dudettes!

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