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Check Out These Nerdy Ninja Turtles Figures at SDCC 2015

by Justin W

This upcoming weekend is sure to be an interesting one for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans around the world. San Diego Comic-con always promises tons of news for fans of any and everything geek related, and this year is sure to be quite interesting for shellheads. With a new movie sequel in production, a television series nearing its fourth season and a comic series that continually surprises, the Ninja Turtles franchise simply cannot be stopped.

2015_SDCC_Exclusive_TMNT_Metal_Mutant_Leonardo__scaled_600In the coming weeks, you can probably expect us to be talking about a lot of great news breaking from SDCC. With that being said, the only thing we really know about right now are some of the exclusive TMNT toys that will be on display at Comic-con. A few weeks ago, we brought you the first few images of TMNT exclusives from both The Loyal Subjects and Diamond Select. Unfortunately, Playmates hadn’t yet revealed their exclusive toy for Comic-con, so we couldn’t really say much about that – until now.

That’s right, Playmates Toys has finally revealed their Comic-con exclusive for 2015: An 11” Metal Mutants Leonardo figure. This action figure is based on the Metal Mutants line released in 1995, almost exactly 20 years ago. Although this SDCC exclusive looks to be high quality, fans who are concerned about being able to find the TMNT toy need not worry too much, as there may be a chance that Playmates will release a full line of new Metal Mutants toys soon.

TMNT_Leonardo_-_Mondo_1024x1024In addition to this awesome revelation, we have also discovered that Mondo intends to show off a rather high quality Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectible at Comic-con this year. Mondo has just started making collectible figures for the first time, and one of their first creations is going to be on display this year at SDCC. These ⅙ scale figures are designed to look like the turtles from the original comic book series, but they also feature interchangeable hands and colored masks to appease all of the fans. The picture they’ve chosen to reveal the model for these figures features Leonardo, and it definitely looks better than anything Playmates has ever done (sorry, guys).

With detailed shading and joints seemingly everywhere (he has over 25 points of articulation), this Leonardo figure definitely wasn’t designed for action. Instead, these Mondo TMNT figures are more than likely intended as display pieces, and they will surely please any fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mondo has indicated that this Leonardo figure is the first in their line, but that they will be taking pre-orders for this new line of collectible figures very soon. Thankfully, all four turtles will be on display at San Diego Comic-con this year, giving the fans something to look for while roaming around the floor.

Sadly, there’s not much more information regarding TMNT news, rumors or exclusives at Comic-con quite yet. If you want to know more about some of the TMNT exclusives you can expect to find at SDCC this year, be sure to check out our previous article on the subject. Otherwise, join us in bated breath as we anticipate the totally radical Ninja Turtles goodies that we will discover in the next week!

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