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TMNT & Stranger Things Comic Crossover Announced!

by Chris M. P.

The TMNT head to the Upside Down this Summer!

And the only things that can make it more 80’s would be some dense hairspray! IDW publishing confirmed that, this summer, one of the largest properties born out of the 1980s is about to collide with one of the biggest hits of recent years channelling the 1980s. It appears that writer Cameron Chittock and artist Fero Pe are attached to the upcoming series, their surnames listed on the full cover that was shown by IDW Publishing. This remains to be confirmed by either party just yet.

It’s no mystery that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have crossed over with a slew of popular franchises. Three volumes of TMNT/Batman have been published while the second volume of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover is currently ongoing. Other crossovers have included TMNT/Ghostbusters, TMNT/X-Files, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Street Fighter (set to be published this year). Not to mention the TMNT crossing over with various multiverses of themselves throughout various forms of media.

Yet this crossover may not come as such a surprise to some shellheads, as Playmates Toys have released TMNT x STRANGER THINGS action figure packs as early as last year…making the team up not as random as it may seem. And with a new wave of TMNT x Stranger Things action figures hitting Target stores this year, the collision shows no signs of stopping just yet. The action figure packs may also give a hint at what the announced comic book series may entail, as the toys read:

 “The Turtles have tracked TCRI’s latest illegal experiments from NYC to Hawkins, Indiana, where it’s trying to harness the power of the upside down. The half-shell heroes must team up with eleven and her friends to try and stop TCRI’s next experiment before it succeeds.” 

While a team up of these properties may seem a bit “random” at first, one may argue that plotline isn’t as preposterous as we thought, in fact, we are actually looking forward to this.

This isn’t Stranger Things first comic rodeo either, as the property isn’t shy in the funny pages. From character focused prequel comics to a crosser over with Dungeons and Dragons, Stranger Things is a property able to entertain in many forms of media. As are our favorite heroes in a halfshell.

So here’s to a fun and interesting summer and hoping we can see Eleven share a slice of pizza with our Turtle brethren and perhaps a Kraang can meet a Demogoron

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