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NECA Dropping hints on World Turtle Day!

Happy World Turtle Day everyone!

There have been some great celebrations all over social media, but the most interesting comes from NECA’s official instagram account. They’ve been dropping hints all day, starting with this closeup posted yesterday on #TurtleTuesday.

Happy #TurtleTuesday🐢

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Channel 3 WTRL. This is April’s news station in the 1990 movie. Sure looks like something April O’Neil could be in the works!

Then, they posted this one this morning.

Good morning! Happy #WorldTurtleDay

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Maybe it’s a new diorama to show off your figures? Maybe they’re just messing with everyone. That’s what I thought, at least. Until this photo was released.

At first glance, that’s a giant VHS tape. At second glance, I don’t think I see a VHS player.  I knew something else looked off, but thanks to Toyark, we can see the front of the box says “The Figures” instead of “The Movie.” You can also almost make out 2 of the figures on the side of the box. One looks like Donatello’s with his arm hanging out of the truck he and Casey work on, but it’s hard to tell.

These are likely to be 7 inch scale figures, and will probably be exclusive to SDCC or NYCC to not compete with the Playmates exclusive licensing deals. But by the looks of things, these will be a great collectors item for anyone able to get their hands on a set!

What do you think of these hints? Are you going to try grabbing these if they’re available at a convention you’re attending? Let us know in the comments!

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