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DreamEX Teases New Krang Action Figure

by Justin W
Shredder looks ready to work with Krang in order to take out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Image Source: DreamEX.

One would have thought that DreamEX would have enough to keep them busy with both a Casey Jones figure and a Shredder figure planned for the near future. Apparently, two highly detailed collectibles aren’t enough to satiate this company, as they have just teased yet another awesome addition to their collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise. As the title of this article indicates, DreamEX has just provided a teaser image for their next project: A 1/6 scale Krang action figure complete with his Mandroid body from the original animated series.

DreamEX has teased their Krang action figure by showing its scale in comparison to their Shredder figure. Image Source: DreamEX.

DreamEX has teased their Krang action figure by showing its scale in comparison to their Shredder figure. Image Source: DreamEX.

This teaser shows us how tall the Krang action figure will be in comparison to their Shredder figure. Unfortunately, Krang is sitting in the shadows in this picture, so it’s a bit difficult to make out all of his details. However, it’s worth noting that their Shredder action figure will be clocking in at 12 inches in height, which should give you a sense of the size of their Krang collectible. Although we still don’t know when we can expect to see either of these hitting store shelves, it’s nice to see that DreamEX has plans to work on so many different characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.

I’m not sure what the correlation is between these figures and the merchandise that First Gokin has been releasing over the past few years, but it is interesting that DreamEX has unveiled their plans for three TMNT figures during roughly the same time period that the Oraku Saki figure was announced. First Gokin also released a similar Krang figure about a year or two ago, but the collectible was not officially licensed for a North American release. I get the sense that DreamEX was given the license to do these TMNT action figures largely in response to the work that First Gokin was doing, as at least two of their figures are strikingly similar in both concept and design.

Regardless of what has driven DreamEX to work on these projects, it’s nice to see so many plans for high quality action figures being announced. Of course, one has to wonder when all of these announcements will settle down, as it seems like we’ve been talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys nonstop for the past few weeks. Here’s hoping we have some other interesting news to talk about in the very near future!

Are you interested in picking up this awesome Krang action figure from DreamEX? Will you also be picking up their Casey Jones and Shredder figures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on facebook/twitter.

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