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TMNT Comic Review: Issue #59

by Ian Gaudreau
Photo Credit: IDW Publishing (Artwork by Dave Wachter)

We are slowly creeping up to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #60! Issue #59 hits stores this week, and with it we are given a refreshing perspective into the life of the Turtle family:


Writer’s Note: Spoilers Ahead

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #59 is the premiere of newcomer TMNT artist, Dave Wachter, who absolutely knocks this issue out of the park. When we last saw Issue #58, Leatherhead left the Turtles as they jumped through a teleporter back ti New York City. As they approached their home base, Kitsune and Alopex are going absolutely berserk on everyone!

Fortunately, Issue #59 explains the events leading up to the end of Issue #58. We start well before the Kitsune/Alopex attack, where Splinter is visiting Jennika at the entrance to Shredder’s tomb. Jennika guards Shredder’s remains, and is confused as to why Splinter honors Oroku Saki with a fancy burial. Something feels up with this scene. Maybe the fact that we are highlighting Shredder at all indicates that something might be happening in the foreseeable future.

Next, Splinter visits Kitsune, who is painting an image of a dragon, phoenix, and fox on canvas. Splinter compares her long life span to a phoenix, and Kitsune speaks metaphorically throughout this exchange. Their conversation between the two is tense, yet amicable. As he departs, Splinter asks Kitsune if Shredder “was a indeed a player…or the one being played”, and Kitsune responds by describing her utmost respect for the the Shredder, the Dragon Warrior. Now, the painting makes sense.

Next, we turn to April and Angel, who are chatting in the throne room about Casey Jones. April is worried, but Angel assures her that this is Casey being Casey, and not to worry. Then, Splinter walks in and tries to offer his support through Casey’s tough time, which is clearly having an impact on April. Angel mentions that Alopex has been acting strange and is worried, and heads out to presumably go on patrol. April requests to use the library to read up on the scroll and Splinter obliges.

Then it starts.

Kitsune ceases her moment of opportunity by controlling Alopex with her mind and the two begin wreaking havoc! They first attack Jennika (maybe this has something to do with a possible Shredder return?). Splinter tries to fight, but is quickly overpowered. At this point, the Turtles walk in, to see Kitsune appearing to stab Master Splinter!

Due to the storytelling, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #59 felt like a very passive and indirect read, which felt refreshing to experience something new. The Turtles experience a lot of action, so looking at a different character is something we have not seen in a while. Looking through the eyes of Master Splinter offered a new pacing to the story, which was quick, but calm. The pages turned so quickly that I originally thought the issue was shorter than normal, but do not worry, it is normal length. Issue #59 offers great action and suspense, and hopefully Splinter is okay!


What do you think will be Splinter’s fate?


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