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Mutant Mayhem Trailer Breakdown

by Kyle Tobey

A full length trailer was finally released for the upcoming movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem”.

While I’m already sold on the movie being awesome, there were a ton of details that were easy to miss! So sit back, grab a slice, and let’s break down the Mutant Mayhem Trailer!

We saw this shot in the teaser trailer, but I think it’s a great showcase of how the brothers move across the city. They are quick and able to get across rooftops with a ninja flip. I love that there are small motion lines outside of the character silhouette, giving Mutant Mayhem a more energetic, almost comic book feel.

Leo wants to be the leader, but it seems like he needs to grow a bit of a backbone. At least around their Dad.

Leo is a snitch! Come on man, don’t out your brother’s like that! I see this being a character arc for Leo in the movie. He wants to lead, but doesn’t know what that means yet. Like Michelangelo says, “You ratted us out!”

“Don’t use that word that way!”

Our first good look at Master Splinter! I love the entire look. It’s very reminiscent of the original toy line and a bit of the 1987 cartoon, and I get that from the four turtles as well. Splinter has his classic purple robe and a new addition of glasses. He looks a bit older than we’ve seen him in other versions, but I love it. In the background he even has a staple in every Father’s arsenal- an old beat up recliner.

This is a great look at the designs and accessories for each turtle. I love that each brother has the letter of their first name on their belt, again, reminding me of the original toy line. Even Leo has throwing stars on his belt. There’s another detail that reminds me of the Playmates toys, but we’ll get in to that later.

Our first good look at the lair. Each turtles bunk shows a bit of each of their personality. Donnie’s bunk is filled with books and a laptop. Leonardo’s bunk is decorated with a samurai movie poster from “The Secret Ninja.” Raph’s Sai are kept in his sock drawer, and Mikey decorated with star stickers.

In the foreground we see a Planet Hollywood mug, a Super Soaker on the ground, and a target board a scorecard to the right. As someone who shared a room with 2 younger brothers at various stages in my life, I can tell you that this room is way too clean for 4 teenagers.

Another great look at the city and how the turtles move across it.

Every decent Ninja Turtles movie needs a solid shot of a manhole cover.

Each of these slow motion shots looks like the brothers are infiltrating a crime den.

Maybe in the back of a Chinese food restaurant? These shots showcase a bit of each fighting style as well. These shots are a great juxtaposition of the downtimes and “brother” moments. Leo is not messing around. There is nothing about him that needs a backbone here. Mikey is still goofing around, but he’s getting the job done. Raph is a close quarters brawler, and Donatello is resourceful! It took me a minute to realize he wasn’t holding 2 Bo staffs, but pool cues!

Next up is a shot of April and the group hanging out eating pizza, when Donatello completely casually and unsuspiciously saying “Our Dad is definitely not a rat.”

Definitely, totally not.

What kind of pizza is this? There’s a pepperoni in the box, but this could be bringing back super disgusting pizza flavors, like marshmallows and sardines. Either way, it looks like they’re hanging out at the same Laird building as the initial Mutant Mayhem teaser.

SupaFly stealing police van? I’m thinking this is where SupaFly gets some special subjects to make a giant Kaiju. Speaking of stealing and giant kaiju…

This board gives us a few hints as to what’s going on in the story. April is still a reporter in a yellow coat, and it looks like her main objective is trying to figure out the identity of Superfly. I think it’s Baxter Stockman but that’s just me. From what I can gather, the board shows animals are being stolen from the zoo. If stolen Giraffes mean we get the screen debut of Half Court? Only time will tell.

Another fun action shot, this is probably them entering the lair. We’ve seen these string lights a couple times and it’s always around their NYC apartment.

They know how we all drew them as kids.

A suspiciously empty Manhattan Bridge makes me think this is leading up to a big action scene.

And what’s a bad guy car without a Vanity license plate?

Oh man, look at that lineup! Our first look at the rest of the bad guys and they look awesome!

From left to right, we have Genghis Grog (Hannibal Buress), Leatherhead (Rose Byrne), Bebop (Seth Rogen), Superfly (Ice Cube) Rocksteady (John Cena), Ray Fillet (Post Malone), Scumbug, Mondo Gecko (Paul Rudd), and Wing Nut (Natasia Demetriou).

I know I said it before but I really love the character designs in all these. Each one was instantly recognizable. We knew who Bebop was right away. Of course that’s Genghis Frog. Ray Fillet has a fantastic updated look with a single scuba mask because he lost an eye. Mondo Gecko is different but is unquestionably chill. WingNut looks to really deviate from the source material because the source material was a Batman parody. No telling if we’ll see Screwloose yet.

But we got a surprise look at Scumbug! And his weird Rocco’s Modern Life shirt.

I just like showcasing all the Times Square crowds to show more of the character design.

I’ve been looking for the Kevin Eastman cameo in Mutant Mayhem crowds, but so far, no luck.

Bebop and Rocksteady. Really that’s all. LOOK AT THEM THEY’RE PERFECT!

Superfly looks like a legit bad guy. I know a lot of naysayers are like “Where’s Shredder?!” And I just say “Look at Superfly.” He’s a worthy big bad for sure.

They’re Babies!!!!

And potentially Baxter Stockman behind them.

There is a lot to take in with this nightmare. I think this mutant kaiju is pieced together from different animals stolen from the zoo, (those giraffes maybe?) and any people it may have absorbed along the way. The eyes and claw look like major parts of Superfly as well. However it’s made, I’m excited for the mutant Katamari kaiju.

People’s gots to go.

Another great shot of some of the mutant lineup. Ray Fillet looks like a lot of fun and Mondo… Mondo looks like a total weirdo. The background looks like Wingnut is hanging out again with the others and…Is that Ground Chuck’s snout?

This meetup is probably where the turtles learn the originals of the Mutanimals (yes, I’m calling them Mutanimals now.) Nothing sketchy here.

Ghengis Frog looks like a lot of fun. Genghis maybe didn’t mutate as much as the others. He’s still a short little frog guy, but that giant battle axe says all it needs to.

This looks like a modern homage to issue #1 of the Mirage comic. It’s not exact, but the feeling is there. Also- this is the first shot of the brothers with the eyes are completely whitened.

Superfly (voiced by Ice Cube) quotes the Ice-T song “6 ‘N the Mornin’”.

I wonder if this is some sort of Anti-Mutagen task force. We don’t know what’s going on with those laser guns! Also- take a look at the green screen. Is that our first look at Cynthia Utrom? See?

I knew you made it this far in the Mutant Mayhem Trailer Breakdown for a reason.

Uh oh.

The movie looks like a little of everything. Obviously, there’s going to be action and brotherly bonding. But I think the missing ingredient in every single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iteration has been the first word. Teenage.

I think this will be the first look at the turtles not only discovering who they are, but actually growing up in the process. Get ready for a whole bunch of growing up.

Mikey glamour shot

Donnie Glamour shot

Raph glamour shot

Leo Glamour shot

Again, as much as this movie is coming out through Nickelodeon, they nailed the action poses. And having the teeth only come out of one side of Leonardo’s mouth- *Chef’s Kiss*

It’s not a problem!

A closer look at our Katamari Kaiju. I see hooves, an elephant trunk, lots of neon eyes, at least 1 screaming mouth, and a whole lot of destruction.

They should move.

The movie really feels big. Like this is going to expand across the city and maybe further. And I love that it feels like they tried making every shot look like a work of art.

Each frame looks like a painting. Even CGI graphics have this drawn on feel

We get a great shot of Turtle Van! It looks like a repurposed Pizza Delivery Van, but no word yet if it shoots manhole covers.

I am so excited for the movie! It looks like it was made with love and we’re going to get a very new, very original version of the turtles. It’s something that can only be done with animation and I have every faith that the team wants this to be good. And I think it will be.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem comes to theaters August 2!

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