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Rad Review: TMNT Youtooz Collectables!

by Chris M. P.

When it comes to collectables, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and vinyl figures are two categories that show no signs of slowing down. Good for us! Bad for our wallets! But if you find yourself tired of the redundant Funko stylings, there’s a fresh collectable company called Youtooz launched in 2019 that has something for everyone. Whether it be internet memes, South Park, video games, Spongebob Squarepants, The Peanuts, and so many more recognizable properties. 

But I know why you’re here…and that’s for TMNT. And, luckily, Youtooz has us shellheads covered with their line of limited edition vinyl TMNT figures! Youtooz’s TMNT vinyl figures are based off of the beloved 1987 animated series designs and feature our 4 Heroes in a Halfshell as well as that radical rat Master Splinter and the evil Shredder. 

Each vinyl figure stands a little over 4 inches tall and comes in its own unique (color coded) packaging. This, in turn, makes the figures look truly great displayed together in such an alluring colorful way. Upon receiving my TMNT Youtooz, I noticed the difference between them and the familiar Funko Pop! Brand. Though both are aimed at collectors, the Youtooz vinyl figures automatically come in a sturdy plastic case as well as a slick character specific slipcase littered with nice artwork and quotes. They’re not generic in any sense which makes every Youtooz vinyl figure feel unique, as each figure can stand on its own. Each purchase being a little “project” in and of itself. Which is refreshing in the sea of “collect them all!” marketing. 

Yet sometimes we need to free our figures of their protective shells (ha) to be displayed in their raw form. And, luckily, the Youtooz TMNT line look just as good out of the box as they do in them.

The figures are styled with larger heads with Youtooz signature “closed eyes” appearance sitting upon well sculpted detailed bodies. The paint applications are bold and vibrant and the vinyl figures have no problem standing on their own. The TMNT and Shredder are posed for action while Splinter is calm in solitude…as many great ninja masters are. Each Turtle showcases their individual personalities. The alluring colors reek of Saturday Morning cartoons and the figures would fit right in next to a big bowl of colorful sugary cereal. Fresh but nostalgic.  

The Youtooz TMNT vinyl figure line stands out amongst the vast selection of collector vinyl. From the alluring specific packaging to the figures themselves, the higher price tag is warranted when it comes to the quality of these figures. In and out of the box I was thoroughly impressed and happy to add them to my small-ish (yet impressive) TMNT collection. 

Being impressed by these little vinyl collectables just made us look to the future. We’d love to see Bebop and Rocksteady, a Foot Soldier, or April O’Neil. What other TMNT character would you want Youtooz to create for a future release? Comment Below!

These Youtooz vinyl figures are retailing for $29.99 and can be purchased through Youtooz directly. 

Here’s a link to purchase your own set of radical TMNT Youtooz figures sure to be a classic addition to your collection or a great way to start a new one! 

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