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Super7 SDCC 2023 Exclusives

by Kyle Tobey
Super7 TMNT Shredder Reaction

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner!

Super7 is back and brought a batch of great exclusives to this year’s convention. While they absolutely killed it with with the Roger Rabbit reAction set, Godzilla Ultimates figure, and the line of Peanuts shirts, we’ll stay focused on their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Exclusives.

Super7 TMNT Exclusive Shirts

Starting off with a great partner to their toy exclusive, this bizarre shirt is based on a main-in offer from the original Playmates line. Featuring art based on the original cartoon, the shirt shows the Shredder bursting from a can of Super7 pasta. The mint green is a great summer color.

The Neighborhood Sewer Watch is on duty with this double sided shirt. The front has a small “Anti-Foot” graphic on the side chest. The back has a large design featuring Raphael in his classic trench coat disguise.

SDCC TMNT Exclusive ReAction Figure

This years exclusive figure offering is a great throwback to the original line. The Shredder emerges with a ReAction figure based on the colorway for the exclusive mail in figure from another canned pasta company (who shall not be named here). No word yet on if canned pasta comes in the can, but I know I won’t eat it.

What do you think of this year’s exclusives from Super7? Are you planning on attending the show? Let us know in the comments.

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