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IDW Releasing TMNT: The Ultimate Comic Art Poster Book

If you received any gift cards during the holidays, you may want to consider saving some of that money for yet another special release from IDW. Just last week, they were releasing The Kevin Eastman Notebook Series: Michelangelo, and it would appear that they already have plans for yet another awesome TMNT book very soon. As a matter of fact, you may even find this title in your local comic book shop in just a few days! TMNT: The Ultimate Comic Art Poster Book looks to be an awesome collector’s item for fans who love shellraising artwork.

These types of releases are nothing new, but they are very much appreciated. Whether you want to keep the book in pristine condition or remove the artwork for display purposes, TMNT: The Ultimate Comic Art Poster Book should be perfect for both collectors and fans alike. This book includes 16 full pages of cover art crafted by none other than the co-creator of the franchise, Kevin Eastman. These pictures are perfect for framing, and each page comes with a perforated edge so that they are easier to remove.

Although the official release date is December 28th, anyone ordering through Amazon will have to wait until January 3rd before TMNT: The Ultimate Comic Art Poster Book is officially released. The MSRP for this book will be $19.99, which is definitely a fair price considering all of the beautiful artwork inside. This collection may not include a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, but it’ll definitely inspire you to go back and read some of the amazing work that IDW has done with the series over the past few years.

Even if Nickelodeon and Viacom are struggling with the franchise, it’s obvious that IDW still has a clear vision for the future. Here’s hoping that 2017 brings us many more projects along the lines of this awesome TMNT comic art poster book!

Will you be picking up TMNT: The Ultimate Comic Art Poster Book? Do you plan on taking the artwork out or keeping it in the book? Share your thoughts and plans either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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Justin W

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