In preparation for the upcoming season four premiere, and in conjunction with all the awesome news that just released from NYCC, new images and videos have hit the Internet to show just what fans can expect from the heroes in a half-shell. In one promotional image, the survivors from Earth are seen sporting brand new armor and weapons, courtesy of the Fugitoid. The armor assumingly allows them to work/fight/live in environments that don’t have the required oxygen content of their home world, while the weapons are high-tech, updated versions of what the fans already know and love. Even April and Casey are suited up and ready to go. The image also shows Lord Dregg looming over the heroes, ready to destroy them.


Between the news that there will be a more formal crossover with the 1987 cartoon turtles, that Splinter is dead and gone, the apparent increase in episode count (from 20 to 26, perhaps?), and the addition of spacesuits and new weapons, season four is shaping up to take the show in a completely new direction. Whether or not it needed to go there, fans of all beliefs should prepare themselves for a brand new ride unlike anything this incarnation has put together before. Who knows what else will be in store when things get underway, but with the premiere only a week-and-a-half on the horizon, questions will start to get their answers soon enough!

A glimpse into the crossover episode….


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  1. the one with the 80s TMNT and the new ones that Ep will be Awesome! They got the OG voices back for that one and now I can Die happy with this.

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