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Kevin Eastman Co-Producing New Movie

by Kyle Tobey

Kevin Eastman (co-creator of the TMNT) will be one of the Executive Producers for a new film, “REDCON-1”.

It looks like an awesome, crazy zombie movie! Super soldiers fighting zombies sounds pretty great to me! Here’s a breakdown from the press release.

About REDCON-1-

“Some years ago I wondered what would happen if zombies could retain some of their previous life skills…
What if they were combat based? And how would a small troop of soldiers survive being sent into the heart
of a seething mass of the undead, who don’t just bite… they fight back too.”

With that notion began Chee’s journey to realise REDCON-1 – a unique fusion of action, zombie horror and
war, with the added element of mixed martial arts, over 1,500 extras and a mass of military hardware.
Chee set out to film across the UK in the end covering over 12 cities and within those creating great
fanbases. “I wanted to build in a roots audience so that cinemas could be confident of people showing up
and by the same token ensure that the community we’ve built up could get their big screen experience and
indeed that we can meet them again!”

This inbuilt audience has already shown itself as Chee explained, “Reaction to the trailer has been incredible.
After a brace of top genre sites picked it up we put it out on our Redcon1Film Facebook page last Friday 10th
August and within 48 hours with no spend at all – so purely organic reach – we had over 50k views and added
another 1k likes to the page. It’s an amazing start and really is going to help motivate an enormous push to
the release.”

Before the vindication of this breaking reaction, Chee’s extensive planned activity brought 101 Films on
board as a distributor as Andy Lyon, Managing Director explained, “We’ve been following director Chee
Keong Cheung and taken an interest in his impressive action packed film REDCON-1 for some time now and
are really excited to be teaming up with Chee to help bring his epic passion project to UK audiences. With
the unique strategy planned for the film and the extensive outreach to different fan bases, it will certainly
make this title one to watch.”

I just know I saw a zombie doing Kung Fu and a soldier fighting him with nunchucks so I’m way in.

It looks to be going on a small tour across the UK so if you’re in the area, check it out for sure. Follow them on social Media and give them some support!

o Facebook: /Redcon1Film (https://www.facebook.com/Redcon1Film/)

o Twitter: @Redcon1Film (https://twitter.com/redcon1film)

o Instagram: @Redcon1Film (https://www.instagram.com/redcon1film/)

What do you think? Will you check this out if it comes to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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