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Comic Review: Bebop and Rocksteady Hit the Road #2

Bebop and Rocksteady’s quest to be perennial jackasses takes an unexpected turn in the latest issue. Let’s! Get! Normal!

Comic Review: Bebop and Rocksteady Hit the Road #2

(w) Ben Bates (a) Dustin Weaver (c) Brittany Peer

The premiere issue of Bebop and Rocksteady Hit the Road was a crazy, macho-infused dud, despite some excellent artwork. The second issue manages to exceed the low bar set by the first by adding in a couple of unexpected twists. However, despite their change in lifestyle, the duo cannot change their nature. The result is an issue which really should have ended the miniseries, but instead prolongs the title of another couple of painful-to-read weeks.

As can be expected, the titular duo are idiots. Only this time, they’re idiots who happen to lose their mutation and make an effort to go straight. It goes as well as can be expected. Surprisingly, Rocksteady is well adjusted, getting job at a construction site and making sure everyone adheres to hard-hat safety. Unfortunately, we don’t get much of this readjustment, as it is glossed over in a montage and quickly undone because, well, his buddy is a moron. But more importantly, this speaks to the issue’s erratic pacing. It makes the story very difficult for the reader to get a hold of.

The one storytelling element that can have the reader pulled in for issue #3 is the seemingly enigmatic nature of EPF Agent Ravenwood. Within the same breath of expressing empathy for mutants – including Bebop and Rocksteady – she calls them monsters. It should be interesting to see how this develops over the remainder of the miniseries. However, this is the one silver lining in an endless stormy cloud of storytelling. Also, Brittany Peer’s colors continue to be rock solid.

I could go on for a long time bashing this title, but it really isn’t worth the time and energy. Bebop and Rocksteady Hit the Road just isn’t my cup of tea. If you’re enjoying it, more power to you. Unfortunately, you’re likely going to have to endure a couple more scathing reviews from yours truly.


Editor's Rating

Better than issue #1, so that's something, right? 3.5

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Dan Gehen

Dan Gehen

Dan Gehen is a lot of things, but one thing he's been for his entire life is a TMNT fan (this has been verified by watching embarrassing home videos of his formative years). Though the classic 1980s cartoon caused his 3-year-old version to drive his parents insane via the constant repetition of "cowabunga dude", his true appreciation for the heroes in a half-shell came from the 1990 feature film as well as the comics by Mirage Studios. Today, he continues to enjoy comics from a variety of publishers, including the current TMNT series from IDW Publishing.

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