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by Chris M. P.

TMNT: The Last Ronin #5

Story by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz 

Art by Kevin Eastman, Esau and Isaac Escorza, and Ben Bishop

Published by IDW 

Released April 27th, 2022

The jaw-dropping finale to the biggest TMNT story ever is here! One final showdown between mutant and Foot Clan will determine the fate of NYC. Will the Ronin be able to find some measure of peace or is he fated to meet the same end as his brothers? Don’t miss one of the most epic battles in TMNT history and the conclusion to the comic book event of the year!

Part 5 of 5: FINISH HIM! 

Has it really been 7 months?! Talk about waiting on pins and needles for the epic conclusion to THE LAST RONIN. But it’s here! We left off learning how Mikey was truly left alone. The fall of his master and brethren. And his return for revenge. The battle has been won and it is now time to head to war. Last Ronin #5 is an action packed issue and a satisfying conclusion to this elseworlds TMNT tale. 

The rebels rebel, Michaelangelo takes on Hiroto, and Casey Marie grows into her own skin. The long road to conclude this story might have an affect on how the pacing feels as of this reading, I’m eager to see how this story follows in a collected trade paperback. As of now, I was very satisfied with the final issue. I did have some qualms; though the story ends (Spoiler) with a “to be continued” which I wasn’t expecting. The conclusion had a solid pace and a great and intriguing ending. I personally just want alternate stories like this one to just end…yet in comics…it seems every possible story path needs to be continued. Let’s do a breakdown: 

The Rad: 

  • Very solid artwork throughout the issue. Mikey looks the most “Frank Miller” in this issue than the previous. Great use of color and tone, especially in the “dreamy” concluding panel. 
  • The cast (overall) was portrayed well. Mikey, his deceased turtle brethren, Casey Marie, April were all written with purpose and poise. 
  • Wonderful emotional conclusion to the TMNT lore. Whether canon or not (I know it’s not). 
  • Great action (especially between Mikey and Hiroto) with clear Dark Knight Returns inspiration. Casey Marie’s “hero” moment was earned as well. 
  • Seeds planted for the “future” are intriguing and well placed. 

 The Bad: 

  • Hiroto wasn’t anything special. His lineage was his character. Other than that, he’s not very memorable in this issue. And his ultimate demise was too simple. But it’s comics. He’s probably not dead.
  • Casey Marie revealed to be a mutant seemed a bit rushed. It might read better in a collected book.  
  • The big ‘ol robot henchman Mikey faces prior to Hiroto seemed like they strolled in from a Gundam/Final Fantasy story. Their character designs didn’t fit. 

Notes: Last Ronin #5 is a satisfying conclusion to what is possibly the most intriguing TMNT story in any medium in years. I don’t know how much of this story is Eastman/Laird as opposed to Waltz, but the entire plot comes together as an exciting, intriguing, and heartbreaking elseworlds story within TMNT lore. It has an edge and excitement that has been missing from the main title, and just the right amount of fanfare. I feel the wait between issues may have been a disservice to the story, as a collected trade will be the beneficial way of reading it…all the way through in a single sitting. Great artwork, action, insight, and heart make Last Ronin an unmissable TMNT story…and one that I’m sure we’ll be talking about for years to come. 





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