Turtley Awesome Videos: TMNT Movie Alternate Ending, Homemade Movie Trailer

While filming wraps up for the next big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, fans are wondering what they can come to expect a year from now. Many of them are no doubt intimately familiar with the original film that came out in 1990, but do they know everything there is to know about the first live action Ninja Turtles movie? Well, thanks to another amazing find by Slashfilm, you might be surprised to learn that there was actually an additional scene after the end of the movie that was never previously shown. This “alternate ending” is really closer to what we have come to expect from most Marvel films nowadays, an additional bit of entertainment for the audiences who chose to stick around. Well, you’ve been waiting for over twenty years, so you might as well check it out!


The alternate ending comes in at about 51 seconds. Sadly, this clip does not feature any music, but it is rather humorous nonetheless. In a scene that finds April pitching the idea of the TMNT comic book, we see the four turtles hanging outside the window in a funny sight gag. Needless to say, this one has been a long time coming. While I’m sure some of you die hard Ninja Turtles fans out there have seen this ending, others will no doubt be glad to finally get this experience into their memory banks.


If this awesome alternate ending wasn’t enough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles nostalgia for you, how about a look at a homemade version of the trailer for the original movie? Believe it or not, the guys at Cinefix decided to remake this classic trailer with whatever they could find at home, resulting in an interesting, if not almost perfect shot-for-shot re-imagining of the experience. With music performed by  mouth and totally unique Papier-mâché costumes, this homemade TMNT movie trailer is definitely worth checking out. They also offer a side-by-side comparison so fans can determine for themselves how well this came out.

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Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior is an author and English professor at Baton Rouge Community College in Louisiana. His short stories have been published around the world, and he has two non-fiction books in print. He has contributed articles to several different sites, and has been a fan of the turtles since he was two years old, and his favorite ninja turtle is Raphael.

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