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Sideshow Donatello Statue Now Available For Pre-order

by Justin W
Sideshow has finally opened pre-orders for their Donatello statue, leaving only one turtle left in the line. Image Source: Sideshow Collectibles.

Over the past few months, Sideshow Collectibles has slowly been opening up pre-orders for their latest set of TMNT statues. Based upon a previously commissioned piece of artwork, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues are definitely a new approach to our heroes in a half shell. So far, they have put up the pre-orders for Leonardo and Michelangelo, and now they have finally unveiled Donatello. As usual, this collectible figure is highly detailed and looks absolutely fantastic. Something tells me that when all four turtles in this line are combined, they will look amazing on display.

Donatello’s sculpt is looking very nice with fine details that make him look a lot different than his brothers. Image Source: Sideshow Collectibles.Sharp-eyed fans will notice that Donny is sporting some slightly different gear than his brothers. His elbow pads appear to have a metallic sheen, which is fitting for the turtle that “does machines.” You’ll also see that he appears to be wearing an old Casio watch on one wrist, further indicating his connection to technology. These are the kind of small and intricate details that most figures and statues completely ignore, so it is definitely nice to see such care and attention given to everyone’s favorite geeky Ninja Turtle!

As with all of the other statues in this line, the Donatello statue will cost approximately $349.99. This will be a little bit too expensive for a lot of fans, but collectors with deep pockets will surely be glad to see these beautiful collectibles. In total, the price for all four turtles will come to $1,400. Unlike a lot of the other highly detailed collectible items we’ve seen hitting the market as of late, these are legitimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues that are meant for display purposes only. This product won’t be for everyone, but those who can afford it will surely enjoy the unique design of these TMNT statues.

Is this Donatello statue totally awesome? Will you be picking it up for yourself, or are these unique TMNT statues too expensive? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or on facebook/twitter.

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