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Donatello won our favorite toy bracket fan vote. He also won the Nintendo Splatfest event. So, Donatello must be the favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! I lived my life thinking he was the outcast. When we held the bracket I

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It was always hard to pick just 1 Ninja Turtles toy. How could I? They were all weird and cool. My parents were great and I didn’t have to settle on one toy, thankfully! But what was your favorite? Which

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I still have a scar on my index finger from when I was young. I threw my talking Mickey Mouse plush into my framed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster. It’s the one where all 4 of the turtles lift the

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Rob Paulsen holding up a Donatello toy. Image Source: Nickelodeon, Playmates Toys.
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This past weekend at New York Comic Con, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Rob Paulsen! He was kind enough to record this special message for our readers. Please check it out!  

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The train kept rolling this week, as we got answers to many of the questions from last week’s episode. “Heart of Evil” showed us where Shredder’s heart has been all this time, who has it, and what it means to

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