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New Out of the Shadows TV Spots and Posters Hit the Web

The ad blitz continues as Paramount has released three more Out of the Shadows TV spots shortly after unveiling a set of new posters for the movie. Truth be told, the posters might even be more interesting than the TV spots, as they all feature many of the same clips we have already seen in previous trailers. I don’t know how many times a fan can hear the words “well, that went well” before they go crazy, but I think that I might be nearing the breaking point. Yes, even the humble author of these posts is getting tired of seeing all of these advertisements and just wants to see the movie already!

I’m going to go ahead and guess that most of you are in the same boat with me, but if you aren’t, check out these new TV spots for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. To be fair, I think there are a few new clips we haven’t seen, but they are mostly just extended moments from clips that have already been revealed. That being said, there were a few noteworthy moments in these spots that we haven’t seen before:

  • We get a better look at Shredder in full gear
  • We get a closer look at Krang and the Mandroid inside the Technodrome
  • We see Splinter talking with Leo
  • We see Raphael come face to face with a winking relative (please let that be Slash)
  • Leo slices through the Mandroid’s armor

    So yeah, it’s safe to say there are a few moments here worth checking out. The one thing that strikes me above all else about this representation of our heroes in a half shell is that they really feel like the turtles we all know and love. When Mikey is introducing his brothers to Casey Jones, he is acting exactly the way you would expect Michelangelo to act.

    In addition to these Out of the Shadows TV spots, Paramount has also released five new posters to promote the movie. Four of the posters focus entirely on one individual turtle, while the fifth poster includes all four brothers together in one epic shot. The fifth Out of the Shadows poster clearly references the scene where the Ninja Turtles are fighting Bebop and Rocksteady while drifting down a river. Which river, you may ask? Well, if Dave Green’s comments during previous interviews are accurate, it may actually be a river somewhere in Brazil. There’s no telling for sure where they are, but that scene definitely looks like a lot of fun and makes for some pretty awesome posters.

    What do you think? Do these Out of the Shadows TV spots bring anything new to the table? Are these Out of the Shadows posters awesome or just okay? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section below or via facebook/twitter.

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