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Turtle Tuesdays Week #4

by Kyle Tobey
Guiness World Record for Ninja Fans Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America, Bloomington MN, USA


I love seeing people’s collection and displays. Some people only collect a certain character or a certain generation. Some need every comic that comes out, while others need to grade their mint in box figures. We want to see your Ninja Turtles collections. So far, your response has been amazing! ! If you want to be on a future Turtle Tuesday, send us an email!

Send an email to Kyle@TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com saying you want to be on Turtle Tuesdays. We’ll respond with some questions for you. If you already sent us an email with a complete survey, we will get to you soon! We want to get to everyone, and we’ve already covered some of you! Keep checking back every Tuesday!

Zackary Garza

My name is Zackarey Garza. I am 34 years old married with two great kids Zakayla Bree she is 9 yrs and Eli Zayden he is 5 yrs old.We live in (Tri-Cities,Wa) Kennewick Washington state. I’ve always have bought toys for my self. And my kids (puzzles,action figures) but just wasn’t a collector for them yet.

I had art pieces, shirts, pajamas, watches etc. Wasn’t until my brother got me a Michelangelo statue and my kids god-fathers parents got me a whole series of black n white ninja turtles that both sets of gifts were so fully detailed that I began to get serious on what I was purchasing from then on.

My collection extends to sweaters, underwear’s, PS3 games, beanie’s, watches. My wife even showed her love for me an allowed me to get the four ninja turtles tattooed on to my left shoulder. Couldn’t find what I wanted from online images. So I had to draw them out n let the tattooist do his magic. Took a total 10 hours to complete them.

I own every Tmnt movie but sadly no cartoons series’s. Was given a C/D / radio player of the mid 90s turtle.  Tucked away a 15 individual Tmnt LEGO figures from blind bags . To a nearly complete set of the NECA 90s Tmnt just wait on the release of the shredder to complete my set.

I’d have to say my grail is a tie between my hand drawn turtles turned detailed tattoos and the NECA 1990 TMNT.

I collect just bought any thing like for instance  the set of tmnt pounder drink glasses down and my set of tmnt shot  glasses. My kids were given a Leonardo play set dungeon, after they broke him an wanted nothing to do with it, I repaired him an now i have him set a side with my wide range of Tmnt collection in storage just waiting for the space to be set up n unboxed in.

Recently bought two retro classic systems for my wife and my self the classic Nintendo with 500 games on it 6 begin the classic tmnt games and the other retro console is the Super Nintendo with the tmnt games installed on it as well.

My favorite version of tmnt is the time they drop there weapons n picked up instruments n be came the nations top charting  rock group . Lol no my favorite version is the first series of cartoons and toys.

My earliest memories of tmnt is with myself an my 3 siblings. We would eat  our breakfast watching the tmnt cartoon, finish our cereal and run to our room grabbing our school backpacks on the way there.

I remember stuffing our bag with cloths rushing  to fill it up to put it on like turtle shell. First one with their shell on named the turtle they would pretend to play as. We would then run outside an begin to battle with sticks.

There is one thing I would like to see made since every type of version has been made already. It would consist to be a very blood n violent sin city film style movie other turtles black n white with beach ninja have their red bandanas let the writers figure out a story line.

Remember! If you want to be featured in a future Turtle Tuesday feature, email us! Kyle@TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com

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