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Turtle Tuesdays! Week #1

by Kyle Tobey
Guiness World Record for Ninja Fans Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America, Bloomington MN, USA

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a die hard fan base.

I love seeing people’s collections and displays. Some people only collect a certain character or a certain generation. Some need every comic that comes out, while others need to grade their mint in box figures. We want to see your Ninja Turtles collections. So far, your response has been amazing! ! If you want to be on a future Turtle Tuesday, send us an email! Send an email to [email protected] saying you want to be on Turtle Tuesdays. We’ll respond with some questions for you. If you already sent us an email with a complete survey, we will get to you soon! Keep checking back!

Carlos Valentin Jr – Dothan, AL (by way of Bronx, NY)

What is your favorite piece? What is your grail collectible?

-My favorite AND what I consider my grail pieces are all four TMNT 1/4 scale figures made by NECA from the 1990 original live action movie. When I first heard of the figures being released I knew I had to get them all. Like most people my age who grew up either reading the original black and white TMNT comics or the classic tv cartoon series, the movie just meant so much more by actually seeing the turtles come to life! The figures look amazing and the detail is exactly as if they were the original costumes Jim Henson created for the film.

Along with the new figures, I am in the process of collecting the classic TMNT figures from the 1988 playmates line I grew up with. I also collect other figures from the newest TMNT tv show and have customized them to look more tv accurate.

Do you collect anything else?

Besides TMNT, I collect other NECA brand figures from sci-fi movies such as; Aliens, Predator and Robocop. Comic Book figures from lines Hot Toys, NECA and Side Show Collectibles which include; Batman, DC characters, Marvel, Iron Man, Wolverine and The Avengers

What is your favorite version of the Ninja Turtles?

My favorite cartoon version of the TMNT are the original 1980’s cartoons. And my favorite movie version would have to be the original live action films.

What is your earliest memory of TMNT?

My earliest memory of the TMNT would have to be eating the TMNT breakfast cereal and watching the cartoon series. I specially remember my mom surprising me with a trip to the movies to go watch the original film opening night! Living in NYC made the turtles so life like. I would imagine seeing them in the sewers as I walked down the street and passed over the manhole covers.

Michael Graham

What made you start collecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Hi! I have been a TMNT fan since birth! My first action figure ever was Michelangelo (with the squishy head) and I was hooked ever since. My parents were amazing and bought me almost every figure that came out, which is A LOT of figures growing up. I had almost the entire collection of figures, vehicles, playsets, even those Polly Pocket renditions of the turtles. Sadly, when I was 13 my family moved and I had to sell most of my collection.

Tell us about your overall collection!

All that’s left of my original figures are the original 4, shredder, and splinter. I picked up the re-issue of the party wagon a few years back, so that was a huge bonus! I have been slowly purchasing the more expensive statues and ultra-poseable figures, they are so awesome!  I hand painted the NECA figures to match their 80s figure colors as those are what I grew up with, even though the comic versions all had red bandanas. The next figures I am going to buy are the Good Smile Co ones that actually look more like frogs but I like them anyway. I have a collection of tmnt weaponry as well, a Bo Staff, a pair of nunchaku, sais, and a Leonardo replica sword.

What is your favorite piece?

My favorite pieces have to be the Revoltech figures for the last version of the show. They’re super articulated and great quality.

What is your grail collectible?

I can’t say that any of my tmnt figures are my grail, my grail is a transformer (shocking!) it is a beast wars 2 LeoConvoy figure that is mostly metal.

Do you collect anything else?

I collect transformers as well as TMNT.

What is your favorite version of the Ninja Turtles?

My favorite version of the turtles has to be the original cartoon as it was my go-to after school every day. I saw the first movie in theatres when I was 5 years old! I own every one of the movies on blu ray, even the new ones.

What is your earliest memory of TMNT?

The best memory of my childhood with the turtles was one day after school, my brother set up all of the figures and vehicles in this massive battle scene. It was incredible, we had the Technodrome attached to the sewer, the sludge catapult set up to fling the slime they used to sell, the parachute Donatello hanging from the ceiling fan, the pizza thrower with its loud engine roaring, and my Dad even filled up the turtle blimp with helium so it was floating!

That’s all for this week! And If you want to show off your collection, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch! We want to see all collections! Big and small! Comics, toys, statues, artwork, we want to see it all!


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