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Mezco 5 Points TMNT Set

by Kyle Tobey
Mezco 5 points promo

Mezco is set to release a slew of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures!

The well loved toy brand is set to release their Deluxe One:12 TMNT set later this year, and they recently announced a One:Twelve version of Casey Jones. While these figures look like a fantastic addition to any TMNT or toy collection, they haven’t forgotten about their smaller scale collectors. Mezco is releasing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their 5 points form.

The Mezco 5 Points line is designed to bring back the vibe of the toys from our childhood, but upscaled for adult collectors.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set comes with dozens of accessories and interchangeable limbs to mimic your favorite pose from the comics. And, if you’re an in box collector, the set comes in display friendly packaging.

The set is heavily inspired by the original run of Mirage comics. The most notable design choice taken from the comics is that every turtle has a red bandana! Each figure stands at 3.75 inches tall. There are only a few slight variations between each figure, but once the weapons are added it will be much easier to tell them apart.

From Mezco.com-


  • Leonardo – the leader of the Turtles with a heart of gold, Leonardo wields his trusty katana swords and is always ready to tussle.
  • Raphael – the tough and fearless brawler with a no-nonsense attitude and fierce loyalty, Raphael unleashes his sai in lightning-fast strikes.
  • Donatello – the brains behind the operation, Donatello uses his bo staff and ingenious inventions to outsmart any foe.
  • Michelangelo – with his infectious humor and love for pizza, Michelangelo brings laughter and energy to the team, and is ready to strike with his nunchucks.


  • Six (6) interchangeable heads
  • Six (6) pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Seven (7) pairs of interchangeable arms
  • Eight (8) pairs of interchangeable legs
  • Four (4) interchangeable belts
  • Four (4) belts with weapon storage:
    • One (1) belt with sai storage
    • One (1) belt with staff storage
    • One (1) belt with nunchuck storage
    • One (1) belt with katana storage
  • Two (2) Katana swords
  • Two (2) Sai
  • One (1) Staff
  • Two (2) Nunchucks (folded)
  • Two (2) Nunchucks (extended)

Preorders for the set is available now for a limited time! Be sure to grab yours while you can!

We’re very excited to get our hands on the Mezco 5 Points set, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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