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Casey Jones: Overtime

Carlos Shabo is the ultimate Casey Jones fan.

I don’t know him personally, but you would have to truly love a character to make something like Casey Jones: Overtime! Since the Ninja Turtles would be pretty expensive to make, film makers have used other characters to show their TMNT obsession.

It’s a great short film. It shows Casey making his weapons and training. Of course there are plenty of Easter eggs through out (is that a stuffed turtle on his workbench shelf?) and maybe the return of Keno?

It’s a low budget fan film that feels like a great 90’s movie. Lots of action, and make sure to stay to the very end!

Check out there Youtube channel here.

This isn’t the only fan film to pop up.

Here’s one of my favorite’s from 2011 called Fight the Foot. It’s just a trailer, but I wish there were more!


Do you have a favorite fan film? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kyle Tobey

Kyle Tobey

Kyle is a freelance artist and professional weirdo living in Astoria, Queens with many animals and wife. He can discuss TMNT, pro wrestling, and animation in depth with minimal research. He once won a PAC-MAN competition. He plans on getting more tattoos.

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