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New York Toy Fair 2023 Spotlight: The Loyal Subjects

by Kyle Tobey
Loyal Subjects NYTF 2023

New York Toy Fair is where exhibitors showcase their upcoming products, existing toys, and maybe a glimpse at what’s to come. It’s where industry professionals and influencers meet to see what’s coming up and what trends will be for the coming year.

The Loyal Subjects is starting to carve their own niche in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toy world, and they brought a ton of previews to Toy Fair. The Loyal Subjects have exclusively been bringing the world of the IDW series and Mateus Santolouco’s artwork to life inside a window display box. I was able to get a small preview of what they have coming up in their Ninja Turtles line, and they are going to make fans of the IDW series very happy.

The turtle brothers themselves have been released in a few color ways already. My personal favorite is the Black and grey Comic Con exclusive. Each turtle comes featuring the fantastic artwork of Mateus on the box and, for those brave enough to take your figures out of the box, a limited trading card! These work really well in bringing the comic book artwork to life. Each figure here, and with all of Loyal Subjects lines, are highly pose-able. Even with tiny feet (comic accurate, baby) they can be posed to not fall, even without a stand. Or- you could get a Raphael figure with motorcycle. I need this figure. Turtles have a long history with vehicles, but it’s rare they look this grounded in reality.

I think the best in show for the Loyal Subjects was their upcoming Shredder in Hell figure.

The figure has a slight orange tint that doesn’t look unnatural, but gives it a tone that feels different than the others. The Shredder in Hell Issue #1 cover is the box art and, it’s such a fantastic cover, why change it?

Continuing the comic lines are more combo figure and comic packs. Super Shredder and Super Size Krang Both look accurate to their cartoon and big screen counterpart. I love the bright purple on Super Shredder. Each figure also comes with an included comic from IDW.

Figures we’ve already seen was on display as well! We got a good look at Raphael with his motorcycle at SDCC, and I’m VERY jealous of everyone who got the gold variant for the Motorcycle. What I love on each of these is that Mateus made exclusive artwork for the box on each.

I’m so so excited to see what Loyal Subjects does with their IDW line.

What they brought to Toy Fair really stood out among the vendors for adult collectors. They are the only one doing figures for the continuing IDW series and I’m sure they have new characters, artists, and figures on the horizon. Or- at least I hope they do! I would love to see what they do with Sophie Campbell or Ben Bishop contributing artwork. And think of the characters they could release!

On the animated series side of the table, we got another look a few figures already in stores. Bebop and Rocksteady both come with a swappable permutation head as well! Loyal Subjects could have easily made this a separate figure, but I appreciate that they didn’t release the same figure with 1 minor difference. The turtles in disguise are a fun version of the 4 brothers not seen very often. With each of these, theres a chance of a rarer variant. Each variant also comes with exclusive accessories. The prototype variant is limited to only 100! If you are lucky enough to find one, please let us know! I still haven’t seen one yet.

Tokka and Razar are getting figures for their animated forms. Slash is getting his animated version. Classic versions of Casey and April are hitting stores. I think this animated line will have enough variety to keep collectors interested and returning.

Look, I’ve been wanting an IDW line of figures for a long time. I think the designs that Mateus created are going to be timeless version of the turtles and the figures really do his artwork justice. I’m absolutely thrilled to see Shredder in Hell getting a figure. It was an absolute standout for me. I’m excited to see this show up and give the book it’s due. It’s an exciting time to be a TMNT collector! I’m excited to get my hands on more figures from the Loyal Subjects, and can’t wait to see what’s next.

What do you think? Will you be picking up any of their figures? Check out what’s available and preorder here! Let us know in the comments! And check out another article here!

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