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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sequel Predictions

by Kyle Tobey

“Mutant Mayhem” is proving to be a huge success.

Thanks to the new movie, we’ll be getting both a Sequel series and film to add to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise! The TMNT brand has surpassed a Billion dollars for the year 2023, and we haven’t hit the holidays yet. It opened number 2 against the Barbenheimer juggernaut. A sequel series for Paramount + and movie was announced before Mutant Mayhem even released. So, it’s time to speculate wildly on where the turtles will go next and give our best sequel predictions!

Spoilers below!

The most obvious place to start with the Mutant Mayhem sequel predictions is the mid-credits scene of “Mutant Mayhem.” Cynthia Utrom is watching the turtles from her evil science lair. A lot happens in the short sequence. Donnie and the brothers aren’t exactly keeping their identities hidden anymore. The masks are off and the brothers are fully experiencing high school. And, like any teenager nowadays, they are also on social media. As Cynthia Utrom says, “They will be easy to find, but difficult to catch. Call the Shredder.”

So, playing the first thing to note in this scene is that the company has gone back to TCRI. In the comics it was TCRI, short for “Techno Cosmic Research Institute.” This paved the way for the onslaught of intergalactic enemies to make their prescience felt in the comics. This is how we got the Triceratons, Fugitoid, Renet, and other inter-dimensional beings. In the 1990 movie, TCRI was changed to TGRI – or “Techno Global Research Institute.” This grounded the movie more for an audience that may not have been used to the idea of mutant turtles roaming around. But in Mutant Mayhem- TCRI is back, opening the door to a slew of inter-dimensional possibilities. Including one that, I think, was hidden in plain sight.

Fine. I got a few predictions wrong. Or all of my predictions were wrong. But this one I think is still a possibility.

I think Cynthia Utrom is a Kraang. Fine, her name is probably the biggest giveaway that this is probably true. But look at the other clues! Cynthia is wearing some oddly familiar sunglasses. The bright yellow coat matches the color scheme we know from the Android Kraang body. We don’t entirely know the motivation behind Cynthia Utrom wanting to recover the ooze. Maybe it has something to do with the entire Utrom civilization? Maybe Cynthia was banished from Dimension X and needs the ooze to return? I have no idea, but I think she’s holding on to a much bigger secret.

In the same shot, on a jar on Cynthia Utrom’s desk, is a de-mutated Superfly. He’s just…Fly. I was also wrong on my predictions for Superfly. Turns out, he is not a mutated Baxter Stockman. He is Baxter’s “Son” -explaining the similar hairstyles. I think Superfly was originally going to be Baxter, but something changed in production. But SuperFly isn’t necessarily “defeated,” more “subsided.” I could see Superfly making another appearance in a future iteration.

Going back to the scene with April and Leo checking out their mystery board. There are definitely mousers on the lower half of the board. The Black ops Operation is no more, but where did they go? April is already on the case! It looks like the turtles are on a mission to track down TCRI. But, it seems that TCRI is already looking for them. Cynthia Utrom is ready to call in the heavy hitters.

Enter- The Shredder.

We don’t know the relationship between Utrom and the Shredder. But we can infer that the Shredder will be used as a secret weapon against the turtles. He didn’t speak. He didn’t even turn around. We only saw the silhouette, and that was enough. That’s all we need for more predictions for the sequel.

I’m especially interested in the relationship between Splinter and the Shredder in the next movie. It’s hard to predict what could happen in the sequel, because their origins aren’t connected in “Mutant Mayhem”. At least, as far as we know.

In the early concept design stages, an image was leaked showing the turtles on a rooftop with some pizza, while a few Easter eggs were in the background.

The biggest thing here is the new redesign of the Technodrome. I LOVE this version. If anything it looks like that new giant sphere arena in Las Vegas that shows giant images on its massive video screen. I feel like it makes it even more menacing to have the entire thing being a giant eye. The creature on top of the water tower reminds me a bit of a new version of Savanti Romero. Again, I could be wrong, but if he shows up in the next movie, it would mark his first time in any TMNT movie! I cant make out who is shooting off a pink laser, but it almost looks like an early design of Mondo Gecko.

It has also been confirmed that we are also getting a 2 seasons of a spinoff series as well as a sequel. Right now, it’s being called “Tales from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and will serve as a branch in between films. I think this is going to focus a lot on single characters , similar to the the comic series of the same name. I could see 1 episode dedicated to Leo, 1 episode dedicated to Mikey, 1 episode dedicated to Scumbug and Splinter’s new life together.

This could be a great way to introduce some new characters as well. I mean, we haven’t met most of April’s classmates- maybe Casey is trying out for the Hockey team? This could also introduce us a bit to some of the finer points of the personalities. Maybe this is where Donnie invents Metalhead, or where Raph starts raising Slash, or when Mikey adopts a kitten? I’m excited for a potential deep dive in to each character.

I think this series will be animated in 2-D. I’m interested to see how the painterly look of the film translates to a more cel-shaded feel. I doubt we’ll see much from the Shredder and Utrom at this point, but there will probably be a lingering threat in the shadows…maybe the Foot Clan will lead us to a closer look at the Shredder, but we’ll have to see!

Where does this lead us with the Mutanimals? Bebop and Rocksteady are currently living with the turtles, and seemingly have nothing to do with the Shredder. I don’t know if they will stay this way for long. I could see the Shredder luring the duo to his side. They’re probably still angry! I think we’re going to see Bebop and Rocksteady turn on the turtles. Or-maybe a mind control device!

I do have a few predictions I don’t see happening in the sequel.

While I definitely think the Utrom will show up in the sequel, I think that’s where the cosmic beings will stop. We already saw the Triceratons on the side of a couple moving trucks in the city, so I doubt we’ll get them as characters yet. Fugitoid might make an appearance if he has a role in TCRI. Usagi Yojimbo I definitely see as a possibility, but they have a few more major characters to get to before tackling the ninja rabbit.

I don’t think we’re going to get a giant Android Kraang in this version. I think it’s going to go more the army of robots over 1 massive threat route.

We probably won’t get Slash in his final mutated form. We could see an early version, absolutely. But I think his final version will have a multi-movie arc.

Or the rock soldiers. Maybe one day we can get a time travel movie, but I don’t see them appearing until then.

I hope to be wrong about the Triceratons. I really want to see the Triceratons.

What do you think we’ll see in the Mutant Mayhem sequel? Do you have any sequel predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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