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NECA Turtles in Time Figures – Wave 2

NECA continues to drain the wallets of figure collectors with their outstanding lines of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures.

Each line continues to grow, making collectors find new space on their shelves. Wave 2 of the Turtles in Time line is now available for pre-order, so start clearing a space now.

Due to ship in May 2020, each figure has the pixelated paint job that the line is known for. Featuring Raphael, Michelangelo, Leatherhead, and Super Shredder.

The turtles come with their signature weapons and hoverboards to recreate classic scenes from the game. Leatherhead comes with a throwing knife, while Shredder comes with a sword and action pieces.

The figures stand at 7 inches tall. They come in window packaging that showcases artwork from the game, giving collectors more reason to leave the figures in the box.

Pre-order yours here!


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Kyle Tobey

Kyle Tobey

Currently lives in NYC with his fiancee and 2 tiny fur creatures. Performs and studies comedy at UCB Theatre. Also loves comics, Star Wars, and pizza. Slept on Ninja Turtles sheets as a kid. Advocate for weirdos.

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