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Nickelodeon Announces SDCC 2017 TMNT Exclusives

by Justin W
This might be the nicest Usagi Yojimbo toy we've ever seen! Image Source: SDCC Blog.

In years past, both Nickelodeon and Playmates have teamed up to produce some interesting exclusives for San Diego Comic-con. Some toys were more impressive than others, but they were always something special. Even with that in mind, I think most fans would agree that they have outdone themselves this time around. In honor of his appearance in Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nick and Playmates Toys have decided to produce a fairly unique Usagi Yojimbo figure for SDCC 2017.

Although it’s only a 5″ figure, this Miyamoto Usagi collectible includes a few accessories and two different heads. In addition, the figure will also come packaged with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic from 1987 featuring the rabbit ronin. Considering that this SDCC exclusive has a limited print run of only 350, something tells me it’s going to be very hard to find unless you show up to San Diego Comic-con early. With a price tag of only $30, there’s no doubt that this Usagi Yojimbo figure will sell very quickly.

This shot of the collectible features everything included. Image Source: SDCC Blog.
This shot of the collectible features everything included. Image Source: SDCC Blog.
As you can see, Nerdist got the exclusive on this SDCC Exclusive TMNT Ice Cream Bar. Image Source: Nerdist.

As if this exclusive wasn’t enough, Nickelodeon is also selling a special Nick Box at the convention which will include at least one TMNT collectible. The subscription box will include a total of four items, one of which is a vinyl recreation of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ice cream bar. Unlike the real thing, you’ll never have to worry about this one melting in the summer heat. This collectible comes packaged with a Hey Arnold figurine, a baseball card based on a character from Hey Arnold, and a t-shirt with a retro Nickelodeon logo.

The Nick Box will run you approximately $50, which may be a bit much for some shellheads. That being said, it’s fair to say that the subscription box includes several unique items that any 90’s kid would love to have in their collection. Nickelodeon revealed a lot of additional SDCC 2017 exclusives, but these were the only items related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For more information on the other collectibles they have announced, make sure to check out the unofficial SDCC Blog.

What do you think? Will you be picking up these SDCC 2017 exclusives? Are you impressed with the items that Nickelodeon and Playmates Toys have created for San Diego Comic-con? Share your thoughts either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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