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Lootcrate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 30th Anniversary Box

by Kyle Tobey

Lootcrate announced a new kind of mystery crate called “Loot Launcher”, where the crate is only released if enough people pledge to support the mystery box. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crate promised an exclusive Splinter Spirit figure with the box, and it well exceeded it’s goal.

I supported this crate months ago and got a surprise package in the mail! Check out what was in this special TMNT 30th Anniversary crate!


Foot Clan Patch and Pin


This embroidered patch and pin are fun, subtle ways to show your loyalty to the Foot Clan. Put these on and you’ll only get 1 question; Regular? Or menthol? (Don’t smoke, it’s from the movie.)

Foot Clan Graffiti Tee

The Foot Clan continue to make their mark in this box. The logo for Channel 3 News has been tagged and, shockingly, there are no witnesses. It’s a good quality shirt with a fun design. I’m a fan of shirts where only fans would get the reference, and this fits the description.

Foot Clan Headband

This is a great addition to your cosplay closet, or an accessory for your toy display!

Spirit of Splinter Figure from NECA Toys

This is definitely a grail piece for most. This alone makes the entire crate completely worth it. “Spirit Splinter” is a fantastic “Movie Moment” figure that perfectly captures this emotional moment in the film. His translucent blue paint makes this figure feel like much more than a repaint of the standard Splinter.

He comes with a bag of marshmallows and a stick to roast around the blue fire pit. You can recreate this pivotal moment (if you collected last year’s wave of figures) with a fire pit that lights up as well. It’s an amazing figure that’s a must have and now very hard to get for any TMNT figure collector.

This new venture from Lootcrate is a great idea and made a ton of fans of the original movie very happy. You absolutely get your money’s worth and everything in the box is made with really high quality. Even the headband, which could have easily been a throwaway product, was made with a lot of care and quality material.

If you were lucky enough to get this box, let us know what you think! Other than the figure, what did you like best? Do you like this new Lootcrate idea? Let us know in the comments!

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