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Unboxed! – TMNT Box June 2018

by Kyle Tobey

My TMNT box for June 2018 just arrived! Check out what’s inside the package for June 2018!

First up is a keychain based on the forever popular 1989 cartoon series. It is an officially licensed Leonardo, which is pretty cool. The paint job in the eyes were a bit wonky, but otherwise its a well modeled figure to help find your keys. Or Shredder. Whoever is in the area.

Next up is a set of glider planes. The material isn’t great on these, but it’s a fun toy. Featuring deigns from the 2012 cartoon series, these are a fun summer activity for the kids to hang out in the yard.

The quality isn’t amazing, but its very quick assembly and built to be played with. I know most of us are more in to buying a thing and putting it up on the shelf, but these could be a great outdoor activity.

Last, the biggest item in the box. A Ninja Turtles lamp! It has a black base and takes a USB or battery power supply. It features a TMNT character head that lights up with different colors.


These products aren’t really for me. I live in a tiny studio in New York City so this box did seem like more clutter than anything. I don’t have kids, so the airplanes are a bit lost on me. The keychain quality isn’t that great and is too big to fit comfortably in a pants pocket. The lamp isn’t very bright and feels more like a night light.

This box is a great gift for kids.

The airplanes are CLEARLY for kids. The lamp is simple enough to use and could be a great decoration to any tiny turtle fans bedroom. But, for a grown man in his 30’s whose fiancee is telling him to get rid of clutter, there isn’t much for me here.

I saw past boxes with t-shirts and patches. I’d much prefer something like that in my mystery boxes. I wonder if a higher price point would mean higher quality product. However, if you have kids,  this is a great value.

TMNT Box is available here starting at $9.99 a month!


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