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Metalhead Facts!

by Kyle Tobey

Metalhead was the coolest toy of the original Playmates lines. He was shiny and has these weird red eyes. He was a robot Ninja Turtle as far as I was concerned.

I didn’t know his backstory growing up. Really, I don’t think I needed to. He was the best one! Unfortunately, he was voted out in the last round of our “Favorite Toy” bracket.  I still think he’s the coolest, so I wanted to make sure he wasn’t forgotten. Here are some facts about Metalhead!

Metalhead’s first appearance as a robot turtle is in the Season 3 Episode 35, titled “The Making of Metalhead.”

He’s given thoughts and memories of the Ninja Turtles. This gave Metalhead an identity disorder, until Donatello reprograms him to work for the Ninja Turtles.

After his 1st appearance in the 1987 series, he was only seen again when Donatello tries to get him to vacuum their TV room in the season 4 episode “Big Bug Blunder.”

The first Metalhead in the TMNT universe began as a superhero with the power to control his fluid metal hair like tentacles in the Mirage series. 

The Mirage version of Metal head is updated in the 2003 series, while Turtlebot shares more characteristics of the robot-turtle, Metalhead.

Metalhead is constructed by Harold Lillja, in the IDW series, as a robot able to fight controlled remotely. The 1987 cartoon has him created by Krang. In the 2012 series, he is created by Donatello.

In the 2012 series, Metalhead was created by Donatello from a salvaged Kraang droid, creating Metalhead to be their robotic brother.

Metalhead appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time as the boss of the second level Alleycat Blues.

He has extending punch and kick attacks, as well as a machine gun in his chest.

The instruction manual of the Super NES version of Turtles in Time mistakenly refers to Metalhead as Mechaturtle. Mechaturtle is often mistaken for Metalhead.


The back of the toy from 1989 reads-

Vital Robotistics

Weapons: Radical Robo-chuks, Portable Party Pack, Radar/Foot Blaster and Utility Belt

Birthplace: Krang‘s Technodrome

Height: 6′

Weight: 1/4 Ton

Eyes: Weirdly Glowing Red

Personality Programs: 4

Favortie Food: Computer Chip Cookies

Have a different character you think we should cover? Did we miss something awesome about Metalhead? Let us know in the comments below!

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