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Entire set of ZenMonkey Studios TMNT pins

by Kyle Tobey

I got an awesome package from Zen Monkey Studios!

They recently released a line of officially licensed enamel pins any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans need to check out. They sent me the entire set to make sure TMNT fans know about them. You can grab any of these for yourself over at their site. But if you need any further convincing, check them all out below!

4 pins together

First up, these four pins show designs based on the 1989 cartoon series, but are posed based on the character select screen from Turtles in Time! These soft enamel pins work really well as a set, or pick your favorite turtle to show off alone. Great for fans of the game or the cartoon.

These two are awesome. One featuring our favorite party dude, Mikey hugging his favorite food. The other featuring the evil Shredder.


These two are my favorites of the set.

Featuring the artwork from the original Mirage comic series, these pins show off where the turtles got their start. It’s SO RARE to see merchandise based on the original comic, so kudos to Zen Monkey Studios for really going the extra mile. The smaller pin is so simple but so cool with only the red bandana coloring. The larger hard enamel pin showing the 1st appearance of all 4 brothers made it immediately to my jacket.

I think these are the only officially licensed pins out right now. These are from great people who are clearly fans of the turtles like we are, so make sure to check out their stuff. The pin backings are rubber (which hold way better than the metal clasp, I think) and even the packaging is great.

Last year for New York Comic Con, they had some awesome limited pins for Rick and Morty, Invader Zim, Legend of Korra, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Let’s hope they give the TMNT the same treatment this year!

Thanks to Josh and our friends at Zen Monkey Studios and the whole team for making a great set! Like what they have? What other designs would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments!

my new bag set up






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