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3 Interesting Revelations About TMNT Sequel

Over the past week, we’ve seen a lot of news coming out about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel. In addition to discovering that the film will include cameos from at least five LA Clippers players, there were also a few other revelations about the production, such as the possible title for the film. Some of these discoveries are definitely good news, while others might not go over as well with the fans. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest TMNT sequel news of the week.

We Have Our New Casey Jones

Stephen Amell

After much speculation and competition with dozens of other actors, Variety announced this week that Stephen Amell was chosen for the role of Casey Jones in the sequel. Who better to play a bat wielding vigilante than the man who currently stars as the hero in the hit television series Arrow? Fans of the show will most likely be pleased with this casting, but if you haven’t yet had a chance to check it out, perhaps now you’ll have a reason to take a look at what you can come to expect from Amell. At the very least, it’s nice to see that someone with experience working on a project related to comic books will be playing this important role.

Spike Lee May Accidentally Star in the Film



The famous and well known director Spike Lee is known for being a fan and frequent attendee of New York Knicks games, and it just so happens that he was at the game in question where scenes were shot for the TMNT sequel. In fact, he was apparently only a few seats away from Will Arnett, who was playing Vernon Fenwick in the scene. As a result, we may actually see Spike Lee make an appearance in the film entirely by accident. Hopefully he won’t ask to be removed from the scene, because that could definitely become troublesome.

New York to See Big Financial Impact


Thanks to the employment of the many people working on the film who will be staying at hotels, visiting restaurants and the like in New York, it is estimated that the state will see an economic impact of roughly 70 million dollars. In Buffalo, New York, they are expecting to see at least 1/10th of that economic boost, or around 7 million dollars. This is great news for both local economies, but being that Buffalo doesn’t always see that kind of boost, businesses in the area should be happy to see the film shooting in their neck of the woods.

What Do You Think?

In the coming months, we’ll probably be hearing a lot more news about the film as it goes into production. For fans who take issue with the new title, just remember that the first film was originally titled simply “Ninja Turtles.” These things can and often do change during the creation of the movie, so there’s no reason to get upset just yet. So what are your thoughts? Will Green Arrow make a good fit for Casey Jones? Will you be on the lookout for Spike Lee? Are you happy to see such a huge financial boon for the New York area? If so, let us know in the comments below.


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