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The August TMNT Box features a backpack with comic versions of the 4 brothers on the front. This black nylon pack has a great design. I love the comic versions of the turtles and it’s always rare to find merchandise

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Mondo gave everyone a preview of what they have in store for the coming year at SDCC. They’re releasing a line of 1/6 scale figures based on the original mirage comic appearances. They displayed 4 figures at SDCC; Casey Jones,

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I got an awesome package from Zen Monkey Studios! They recently released a line of officially licensed enamel pins any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans need to check out. They sent me the entire set to make sure TMNT fans

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I received my first TMNT Subscription box over the weekend! I’ve seen this box posted online before and always thought about getting it. Since this is my first box, I won’t talk about previous boxes at all. First up is

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Splinter is looking pretty cool in this month's TMNT Box! Image Source: Justin W. 9.0

One look at the image above will likely surprise some of our readers. Needless to say, the limited edition t-shirt design on display here is one of the big ticket items included in this package. This artwork might be much

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