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Unboxing the Mirage themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LootCrate

by Kyle Tobey

LootCrate announced a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mystery box series set for release throughout the year.

Each crate would have a specific theme; the Mirage era, video games, and a cartoon theme. The big perk for most collectors is an exclusive NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles not available anywhere else. All of the items are exclusive, but an exclusive NECA figure is a big deal.

These boxes sold out very quickly, but we were able to get our hands on the entire series! The first crate has arrived, so let’s see what came in the Mirage era themed LootCrate.


Up first is an exclusive TCRI T-Shirt. The design is a deep cut for the comics fans, featuring a design for the ‘84 company picnic. It feels like a really good quality, and the design won’t wear out quickly.

TCRI Travel Mug

The same design is featured through most of the products. The TCRI travel cup is BPA free and feels sturdy.

Fugitoid Pin, TCRI Tote Bag, Chet’s Toys Keychain, TCRI ID Card, and TCRI ID Holder

These are what I usually call the “Extras.” But these do stand out from other mystery boxes I’ve received. The keychain is a deep cut and features original artwork from the Mirage series. The Fugitoid pin is an absolute stand out. It’s high quality enamel with instantly recognizable artwork. Fugitoid’s inclusion only makes me hope that NECA makes a figure for him down the line as well.

The tote bag is a bit shallow and awkward. The ID Card and Card holder are fun extras, but nothing to get excited over.

Exclusive Mirage Era Shredder figure from NECA.

I love this figure. The original set of NECA’s TMNT figures based on the Mirage artwork has become a highly sought after addition to any collection.

Shredder features his classic weapons as accessories, this figure stands out in every way. From his deep purple color way, to the comic style ink shading, every detail on this figure is set to make it a joy for both in box and out of box collectors.

And the box is amazing. Usually, I won’t gush over a box, but matching the original font with original artwork with a foil color over black makes it hard to want to take this from its packaging. In fact, I still haven’t.

Overall, I really love what NECA is doing since taking over LootCrate.

This series is a huge bonus for TMNT fans who have long waited for different versions of their favorite turtles. While the crate definitely had a few “lesser” items, the figure, shirt, and pin alone are well worth the money. The figure is sure to make any future TMNT fan who didn’t get their hands on this jealous. I wish the re-used design featured a character rather than company logo, but I also understand that license rights might be tricky to work out. I like what they’ve come up with for the Mirage series, and I’m already excited for what will come in the next crate.

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