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Super 7 SDCC Baxter Stockman Ultimates Unboxing

by Kyle Tobey

Comic Cons are cancelled this year. 

Due to the ongoing global crisis, there was no way conventions can (or should) be happening in 2020.  Companies still did their best to give us the Comic Con experience, dishing out exclusives, events, and interviews for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of their couch.

While the experience wasn’t perfect for most collectors (NECA, Hasbro, Mattel, Funko, Mondo…) one company stood out as an exceptional shopping experience with an amazing product.

SUPER 7 has perfected their selling model for their Ultimates waves, issuing preorders for figures well in advance of release. For “SDCC”, Super 7 had several exclusives. From a beach towel based on the trading cards to a Re-Action set of 4 glow-in-the-dark in a TCRI canister, they had something any TMNT fan. Their non-TMNT offerings were fantastic as well, but the TMNT exclusives hit it out of the park. Once I saw their SDCC exclusive color way for the Baxter Ultimates figure, I knew I had to have it.

When it arrived, It came in great packaging. There was very little chance to allow damage on the way here. They also included a sticker and a “Skeletoken”, which was intended for their event during SDCC.

The packaging on these figures is next level. It almost goes beyond packaging and nears into “protective case” territory.

The figure packaging slides out from the blue shell case with the satisfying sound of air sucking itself from it’s stationary containment. I was instantly taken back by the packaging itself, as well as the neon blue figure itself.

The box is textured and glows in the dark. The plastic is hard but perfectly situated to show the figure and accessories without opening the packaging. Baxter‘s extra appendages are translucent and his white lab coat glitters from this special paint job. He comes with a ton as accessories and options, including a glowing Mouser.

Overall, I absolutely love the figure and the shopping experience could not have been easier. Out of every major company issuing exclusives for “Virtual Con”, Super7 seemed to care the most about the customers experience and put things in place to keep everyone happy. I wish I preordered the other waves of this line. The price point is worth it, if you can swing it. These are collector pieces, and worth every penny.

Super7 is extremely fan focused and a fantastic company I’m excited to learn more about. Some companies look like they are learning from past experiences, but Super7 never had to learn, because they had the process nailed from the start.

You can still preorder waves 2 and 3 of the Ultimate figures from BigBadToyStore.

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