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Facts About Baxter Stockman

by Kyle Tobey

Baxter Stockman is the definition of a “Mad Scientist.” He can build anything, but anything he builds is used for evil.

Stockman is one of Shredder’s top henchmen and a mainstay of almost every TMNT iteration to date. Unfortunately, he was voted out in the first round of our Favorite Toy vote. His votes were close, so we wanted to send him off the right way. Here are some facts about the mad genius!

Photo property of Mirage Comics

Issue #2.

Baxter Stockman is one of the Ninja Turtles oldest villains.

His first appearance was dates all the way back to the Mirage comic series. He debuted in October 1984 in issue #2.

In his original appearance, he was an African-American. In the 1987 cartoon series, he was changed to a Caucasian. He was changed back in the 2003 series, and has remained African American in all incarnations since.

In the 1987 cartoon, He also had a twin brother named Barney Stockman. Also a mad scientist and with the same voice, who threw fits whenever the Turtles confused him with Baxter. Barney appeared in the episode “Raphael Knocks ‘Em Dead

Barney Stockman

Throughout the first season of the 2003 series, he is subjected to various punishments by the Shredder involving the mutilation and removal of parts of his body. Later in the series, Stockman returns in various forms as his numerous bodies are continuously replaced.

In the 2014 film, Baxter Stockman appears briefly in a scene as one of Eric Sacks’ scientists. He is played by K. Todd Freeman. The role was recast with Tyler Perry in the 2016 film.

According to Donatello, Baxter graduated from MIT at the age of 15.

One possible approach that Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird had for the second movie was to use some of the elements in TMNT issue #2. The Stockman/mousers tale is pretty straightforward, and would’ve been lifted from the book with little alterations (though they would have to find another assistant for Stockman, as in the movie April already has a different job). Secret of the Ooze was made instead.

Baxter Stockman had a part in the “Coming Out of Their Shells” tour.

The Coming Out of Their Shells tour.

Shredder, with the help of Baxter Stockman, comes forth with his De-Harmonic Convergence Controller. Using this device, they will steal all the music in the world. It also weakens the turtles if they stand in front of it. 


In the 2012 series, he grew up to re-develop his brilliance by getting a job as a T.C.R.I. employee, but after being fired for an incident that involved a copier machine breaking down and ejecting ink, he vowed that one day, all his classmates and business partners will pay for the mockery they made of him.

In every incarnation, he is responsible for the mousers.

He appears in 11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video games

 The 1989 toy says that he was created in Dimension X, by a malfunctioning disintegrator. Baxter was brought in the 2nd wave of Playmates toys. His card reads as follows.

The bungling, bug-eyed, wickedly winged scientist!

Accessories: Anti-Turtle Swatter, Detachable Fly Wings & Arms

Dimension Where Created: X

Height: 3′

Favorite Sport: Soup Swimming

Favorite Phrase: “Help me!”

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