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Ace Duck Facts!

by Kyle Tobey

Ace Duck is… weird.

Even By Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles standards. Not so much because of his character, but because he rarely appears. He was introduced in the 1989 line of Playmates toys, but has been constantly ignored in each incarnation. Ace Duck almost appears as an easter egg (duck egg?) now, showing up in backgrounds and jokes here and there. But being one of the original 20 characters in the Ninja Turtle canon, I think it’s time we honor this running gag.

He appears in the original 1987 cartoon, but only for a second.

In season 3, episode 12, “Attack of Big MACC“, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo were watching an Ace Duck movie marathon on TV. Ace can be seen on the Turtles’ TV screen in close-up,  before Donatello changes the channel.


From Archie Comics

In the Archie Comics, he was a pro wrestler!

He wrestles for  Slump’s Intergalactic Wrestling circuit, of which he is reigning champion. Though he never actually fought or interacted much with the turtles themselves, he was always seen fighting in a match before the turtles would wrestle. The turtles do fight Ace’s partner, Cryin Hound. 

He’s a heel! He’s a pompous jerk who makes the crowd hate him. The first time we see Ace Duck wrestle with Leatherhead, and the second time he battled a werewolf-type monster named Bloodbath

In this version, he is from the planet Perdufus.

In the IDW comic series, Ace Duck is a pilot who was one of the star witnesses for Krang‘s trial during The Trial of Krang story arc.

He was never able to testify.

He does appear in the 2012 series. For a single joke.

In season 2, episode 16, it’s revealed that Ace was Baxter Stockman’s 74th attempt to make a mutant army for the Shredder. According to Stockman, he flies, swims and knows Taekwondo, but Shredder considers him completely ridiculous. He only appeared as a picture.

From Nickelodeon’s 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series

To date, has has never appeared in any Mirage comic series or video game.

The back of his card on the toy reads…

The Aero-dynamic Adventurer!

Accessories: Service .45 Pistol, Weapons Belt w/ Egg Grenades, Plug in Wings, Removable Pilot’s Cap

Height: 4′ 6″

Birthplace: Peking

Least Favorite Time: Duck Hunting Season

Least Favorite Food: Peking Duck

We salute you, Ace duck!

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