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Turtle Tuesdays! Week #3

by Kyle Tobey
Guiness World Record for Ninja Fans Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America, Bloomington MN, USA


I love seeing people’s collection and displays. Some people only collect a certain character or a certain generation. Some need every comic that comes out, while others need to grade their mint in box figures. We want to see your Ninja Turtles collections. So far, your response has been amazing! ! If you want to be on a future Turtle Tuesday, send us an email! Send an email to [email protected] saying you want to be on Turtle Tuesdays. We’ll respond with some questions for you. If you already sent us an email with a complete survey, we will get to you soon! We want to get to everyone, and we’ve already covered some of you! Keep checking back every Tuesday!

Brady Law

Along with my other hobbies, model cars and LEGO Star Wars. I have a custom Slash made from a Battle Shell Raphael. The figures on the bottom are my original toys from when I was a kid. Everything still  packaged is nothing special or rare, but I still love them. The sai were made by my brother-in-law, an artistic welder.

(Editors note: I love the Custom Slash figure)

Also- We got a great letter from young Marshall, who wants everyone to know what a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he is!

 Hello there! My name is Tyson and I’m only 12, so I haven’t had as much TMNT experience as a ton of other people have. I’m a die hard fan of them. I was introduced to them in 2012 on the day the show premiered. After experiencing the action, comedy, and drama that makes up the heart of the show, I fell in love with them ever since. Since that day, I have dedicated and committed my life to loving them till I die. I have since collected the original four, Shredder, the Shredder mutants, Shellraiser, and an old-school Slash action figures.

I also have the first couple volumes of the IDW and Mirage comic series and I also have (this is my favorite) the entire collection of DVDs from the 2012 TV series and I am currently watching the When Worlds Collide story arc. I’ve done extensive research on most of the comic series and I have also written the complete history of Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey. I’m even wearing my Mikey jacket right now!

I have seen the original trilogy of movies, the newer reboots, Season 3 of the 1980s cartoon, and all of the 2012 series (my favorite incarnation). My best memory would have to be when I had a TMNT watching marathon while I had a pizza and chilled on my TMNT comforter. It would be SOOOOOO awesome if I was shown on the TMNT fanbase. I check in every day to see if you guys have posted anything and I also check the local news on google for anything exciting. I’m also trying to persuade my dad to let me buy Injustice 2 because of the TMNT expansion.

I LOVE the Turtles so much and I have my basement filled to the brim with everything TMNT. It is rare for me to go to school and not strike up a conversation about TMNT. They’re my biggest passion and have been for 6 years.

Thank you for taking the time in order to read this and see if I qualify to be on Turtle Tuesdays. Have fun! BOOYAKABUNGA!

Thank you, Tyson!

Do you have an awesome TMNT collection?! We want to see it! Email [email protected] to be featured in a future Turtle Tuesday!


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[…] If you already sent us an email with a complete survey, we will get to you soon! We want to get to everyone, and we’ve already covered some of you! Keep checking back every […]

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