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Turtle Tuesdays! Week 2

by Kyle Tobey
Guiness World Record for Ninja Fans Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America, Bloomington MN, USA


I love seeing people’s collections and displays. Some people only collect a certain character or a certain generation. Some need every comic that comes out, while others need to grade their mint in box figures. We want to see your Ninja Turtles collections. So far, your response has been amazing! ! If you want to be on a future Turtle Tuesday, send us an email! Send an email to [email protected] saying you want to be on Turtle Tuesdays. We’ll respond with some questions for you. If you already sent us an email with a complete survey, we will get to you soon! We want to get to everyone, and we’ve already covered some of you! Keep checking back!

Alex Tighe – Liverpool England

Hello, My name is Alex Tighe from Liverpool England.

What made you start collecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

I started when I was about 4? My Mum and Dad bought me the party wagon and the four turtles. Safe to say I spent the majority of my time playing with them!

My collection is my pride and joy. I get to wake up every morning and just look at the collection. I never really had the money to collect the classic line turtles so my main focus is the 2012 line as I feel this is the first time since the classic line, that playmates really put the effort into recreating a collectible toy line.

What is your favorite piece?

My favourite piece changes daily. At the moment, it’s my 2007 Turtles. I love them so much. Despite loving turtles from a young age, it was the 2007 film that got me hooked again after a four to five year hiatus from TMNT (I was 12 trying to be cool, it was a bad time without the turtles ahaha)

What is your grail collectible?

My grail collectible is my 30th anniversary NECA turtles. Despite having a mound problem in their legs, they’re amazing! Nostalgic and versatile. The amount of poses I get from them is breath taking.

Do you collect anything else?

I collect NECA Alien stuff, but that has been out on hold for the foreseeable future, as I have to finish my 2012 TMNT (Muckman ain’t cheap) and I’m preparing for the new Rise of the TMNT figures arriving at the end of this year.

What is your favorite version of the Ninja Turtles?

I can’t pick. TV show wise I have this discussion a lot. I love the 87 cartoon because it is what started it all for me. Except it was Teenage mutant hero turtles for me ahaha. The 87 cartoon is just a good time. Cheesy and just brilliant.
The 03 series is just as good. The voice acting in this show was probably my favourite overall but the thing that pulls this show down for me was the filler episodes. I know they’re necessary but good lord did some of those episodes drag.

My favourite is definitely the 2012 series. It was a mix of the 87 & 03 series. It has the funny, silly cheese we came to love from the 87 show but it also focuses on the serious adult tones the 03 show thrived on. Film wise my favourite is the 07 film but I love every film. Including turtles 3 and the bay films ahaha!

What is your earliest memory of TMNT

Sitting on my Dads bed with a teenage mutant hero turtles VHS in my hand.

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Kevin Riedy and son, Jack (Age 7)

What made you start collecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?, Tell us about your overall collection!

Jack started watching the show back in 2012. We never missed an episode. I think we have them all DVR’d.
He got me into it. He got the whole family into it. He pretty much has all the Play Mates action figures from every year.
He also has all the vehicles. He keeps the figures in 3 big tool boxes.

What is your favorite piece?

I hand-made a custom Play Set / Lair. 3 levels – street, subway and lair. It’s huge. He plays with it every day, for years.
It has the dojo, Splinter’s meditation room, the living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, Antonios’s Pizza (April’s apartment above)
Shredder’s lair, TCRI tower. The upright arcade game and pinball game. I tried to match everything to the show.
It’s made out of lots of upcycled stuff from the house, foam core, paint, glue, dowels, printouts, shoe boxes, bottle caps, etc.

What is your grail collectible?

I made a custom Karai out of an April figure prior to them creating a Karai figure.

Do you collect anything else?

Not really. I used to collect Felix The Cat.

What is your favorite version of the Ninja Turtles?

2012 Series

Thank you,


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