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Nickelodeon Announces “Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder” DVD

With only a few episodes left in the fourth season, fans may be happy to hear that they’ll get at least a few more on the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD release. Unfortunately, this is no guarantee that they won’t also get a bunch of content that is already available on previous releases. Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder promises 11 episodes from season 4, but we have yet to receive any information about which episodes will be included. Given the title, we can probably count on the Super Shredder to make an appearance, but the rest remains a mystery.

The artwork on this TMNT DVD set is actually very nice. Image Source: Nickelodeon,
The artwork on this TMNT DVD set is actually very nice. Image Source: Nickelodeon,
The most likely scenario is that Nickelodeon is re-releasing pretty much everything that was previously released on Earth’s Last Stand with a few additional episodes tagged on to the end. After all, we’re currently waiting for the 23rd episode to air, and Beyond the Known Universe had 12 episodes in total. Add the 12 episodes from Beyond the Known Universe to the 11 episodes on this DVD set and you’ll reach the 23rd episode of the fourth season. This would probably disappoint fans who have already purchased Earth’s Last Stand, as it would make that release almost entirely pointless.

Considering that Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder will be released on March 21st, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the final seven episodes of season 4 on this DVD set. The season itself isn’t likely to end until at least the end of February, and it would be quite surprising to see Nickelodeon release these episodes on DVD only a few weeks after they aired. I suppose anything is possible, but it’s highly unlikely that we will see any episodes beyond the 23rd on this particular release.

Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure what Nickelodeon has planned for the final four episodes. They could release another overlapping DVD set which includes episodes that will be available on Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder, but it’s difficult to say what their actual plans are. We can look to the past for some indication of what the future will look like, but if the distribution of this television show has taught us anything, it is that we should always expect to be both surprised and confused in the end.

Will you be buying Tales of the TMNT: Super Shredder on DVD when it is released in March? What are your thoughts on these TMNT DVDs? Share your plans and opinions either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter!

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