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by Dan Gehen

Mikey teams up with a member of the NYPD in search of a local utility worker, only to come face-to-face with the icky monstrosity Wyrm!

Comic Review: TMNT Universe #6

(W) John Lees, (A) Nick Pitarra, (C) Felipe Sobreiro, (Backup W/A) Brahm Revel

As a child, I didn’t have a ton of TMNT action figures. I did have the four Turtles, Splinter, April, and Shredder, but outside of those core characters most of those toys eluded me. However, there is one figure in particular I distinctly remember because of his colorful yet off-putting image: Wyrm.  As gross as I found that figure to be, that does not compare to what’s in store for readers of TMNT Universe #6. The creative team of John Lees, Nick Pitarra, and Felipe Sobreiro turn a goofy-looking action figure (and even goofier character from the 2012 cartoon) into a nightmarish and imposing creature.

As blasphemous as it may sound, Mikey was never my favorite of the Ninja Turtles. It’s not that I don’t like the character, it’s just that Leo, Raph, and Donnie had more interesting stories. Yes, I find “Lame-o-nardo” more interesting than Mikey. Consider the character’s journey the Mirage comics (and 2003 animated series), the 2012 animated series, and the current IDW run, Leo’s gone through quite a bit of stuff. But speaking of the character work in the IDW comics, Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman have crafted my favorite version of Mikey, and it’s that version that is the focus of this done-in-one issue.

The plot by Lees and Pitarra is straightforward, allowing them to dedicate most of their page space to character development. Unfortunately, the single-issue format reduces much of that down to expository speeches. Nearly every page has at least one instance of Wrym discussing their origin or motivations, the latter of which is rather thin. It is a hoarder, and what it can’t have, it destroys. Physically, Wyrm is quite formidable. Because it’s basically a collective of slugs acting in unison, it is difficult for Mikey to harm, let alone defeat Wrym. Where the character is most effective is in the shadows, stalking its prey. The moodiness and shading of the artwork by Pitarra and Sobreiro in these moments far outshines the bland look of later pages.

TMNT Universe #6 is a solid, if unspectacular issue. The introduction of Wyrm to the IDW universe is effective and opens the door for further appearances. However, the real draw is the chance for readers to spend a little one-on-one time with Michelangelo. For those that are looking for a bit more meat from this issue, the backup by Brahm Revel focuses exclusively on everyone’s favorite hothead, providing great art to match a tightly plotted narrative.

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