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Mega Bloks Technodrome Now Available at Toys R Us

There were a lot of TMNT Mega Bloks sets announced during New York Toy Fair earlier this year. Surprisingly, by the end of the summer, most of them had already been released. Unfortunately, one set in particular was still conspicuously missing from most store shelves, and many fans have been wondering when they would be able to find it. Although I’m happy to announce that you can finally purchase the Mega Bloks Technodrome set, you might be surprised at the price tag for this bad boy. You can now purchase this awesome set for an MSRP of $250 at Toys R Us.

Considering that most of the recent TMNT Mega Bloks sets have been offered at a fairly decent price, it’s pretty shocking to see a set that is this expensive. You could buy entire collections of limited edition TMNT figures for less than the cost of this Mega Bloks Technodrome! To be fair, the Technodrome is pretty darn huge once it is built, and there are a lot of pieces required to build this classic Utrom ship. Fans of the original animated series are definitely going to love the authenticity on display here, but they might suffer from a bit of sticker shock.

Look at the size of those figures next to the Mega Bloks Technodrome set! This is a HUGE toy! Image Source: Toys R Us.
Look at the size of those figures next to the Mega Bloks Technodrome set! This is a HUGE toy! Image Source: Toys R Us.

With the holidays right around the corner, there is a possibility that we will see this item on sale within the next two months, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Being that the Mega Bloks Technodrome is a brand new toy, chances are that any discount is going to be very small. At its current price, something tells me that a lot of fans won’t be able to afford this TMNT Mega Bloks set. That being said, the wealthier fans among us will be glad to know that they can now pick up the Technodrome from Toys R Us!

Are you happy to see that the Mega Bloks Technodrome is finally available in stores? Is this price tag a bit too high? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on facebook/twitter!

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