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Eastman & Laird TMNT Mega Bloks Now Available At Toys R Us

Even if you’re not a fan of their products, you have to admit that Mega Bloks has been putting out some awesome TMNT toys as of late. Their most recent work is a line inspired by the original comics produced by Eastman & Laird. Although some of the play sets in this line were SDCC exclusives, plans were to eventually sell them at Toys R Us stores later this fall. Thankfully, you won’t even have to wait that long, as they are already selling all four individual figures in the Eastman & Laird TMNT Mega Bloks set on their website right now!

As if it weren’t awesome enough that these TMNT Mega Bloks are now available for purchase, they are also already on sale. Their MSRP is $7.99, but you can buy each figure right away for only $5.99. Even if you don’t have a Toys R Us store in your area, you’ll be happy to know that you can get free shipping if you buy all four turtles at once. There is no telling how popular these figures will be, so you might want to consider picking them up as soon as possible. There have been reports of the Eastman & Laird TMNT Mega Bloks showing up in TRU stores recently, but this was largely YMMV. Now that you can buy them online, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your local store has them in stock!

These figures are designed to look just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the original Mirage comics. With a black and white paint job and several panels from the earliest comics, it’s hard to deny that these are pretty awesome toys! To be fair, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a toy company produce action figures based on the earliest iterations of the Ninja Turtles. Playmates previously produced a set of TMNT toys based on the Mirage comics, and they were pretty darn cool. There have also been a few interesting collector’s items with a similar design. That being said, these Eastman & Laird TMNT Mega Bloks are probably the most affordable toy line to take on this design concept.

Although it wouldn’t appear that the SDCC exclusive sets are available online, there’s always a chance that you might find them in your local Toys R Us store. Until then, at least you can pick up each individual turtle from this awesome toy line!

Will you be picking up these Eastman & Laird TMNT Mega Bloks? Are you a fan of this style of TMNT toys? Let us know your thoughts and opinions either in the comments below or via facebook/twitter.

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