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TMNT Stackable Mystery Figures Now Available From Playmates

There have been a lot of Ninja Turtles blind box toys brought to market over the past few years, so this latest product from Playmates Toys shouldn’t be a surprise. This time around, they’ve chosen to create a line of TMNT Stackable Mystery Figures. Each vinyl figure has a peg that allows you to stack another figure on top. As if that weren’t awesome enough, each character featured in this line has a unique and fun design that will make you want to stack as many as possible! If you’ve ever wanted a TMNT totem pole, now you can create your own with these latest blind box TMNT toys.

One of our favorite toy reviewers, Pixel Dan, has already provided a review for this product. He was able to find six boxes available for purchase at Target, so it’s safe to say that Playmates is in the process of rolling these TMNT Stackable Mystery Figures out to stores. You can expect to pay the typical price of about $5-$10 per box, which is actually a pretty decent price for specialized TMNT merchandise. In this case, the toys in question are very well detailed and a bit bigger than some of the other vinyl TMNT figures on the market.

Although the odds for obtaining each figure aren’t outrageous, it is worth pointing out that Donatello is apparently just as difficult to obtain as the chase figure. I guess when you consider the kind of sculpt that they went with for Donny, it makes sense that he would cost a bit more to produce and thus be a bit harder to find. Although these TMNT Stackable Mystery Figures may not be the most amazing toy line you’ve ever seen, the paint details and fun sculpts are what set the series apart from similar items on the market. If you have limited shelf space, but you still want to show some love for the boys in green, consider these stackable TMNT toys!

What do you think? Are these TMNT Stackable Mystery Figures worth picking up? Will you be collecting the whole set? Let us know your thoughts and opinions either in the comments section below or on facebook/twitter.

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Justin W

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