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by Chris M. P.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #116

Story by Sophie Campbell 

Art by Sophie Campbell 

Published by IDW 

Released April 21st, 2021

It’s the battle of the bands… of the century! As Jennika decides whether she weighs harmony over revenge, a musical brawl of epic proportions against Bebop and Rocksteady will have major ramifications on time itself!

We’re Gettin’ The Band Back Together…

After an entertaining mutant-mania showdown between Bebop, Rocksteady, Tokka, and Rahzar in #115, it’s time we head back to that whole Lita time travel thingy and Jennika’s power of music or whatever. Sophie Campbell tackles this issue solo (for the most part) which is an impressive feat for such a mainstream comic title such as this. The series has had a bit of an uptick as of the past couple issues, so do we continue to ride that wave? Or does issue 116 go back to being a sort of slogging Jennika driven furry fanfic?

Time-Rippin’ Lita claims Jennika’s band will change the future. So issue 116 is pure setup for the gig that’s about to unfold. Jennika and the TMNT grab some talent, practice some tunes, and face off with bebop and Rocksteady for an entertaining issue. What stands out the most this time around is Campbell’s artwork. Her work is always substantial but I really love the way she presents emotion through music. You’re in a comic medium so the only sounds we have are in our heads. Campbell does an awesome job of illustrating a dichotomy of colorful “visions” bursting out of Jennika whenever she plays. Very “Scott Pilgrim-esque” but with more meaning. 

We set up Jennika’s band, get a little insight of what to expect concerning our Turtle brothers, and conclude with a mutant battle of the bands faceoff. As stated previously, this issue is mostly buildup…but it moves at a great pace. Sort of a “montage scene” if this were a film. I’m still unclear how exactly Jennika’s music will change the future in such a big way…but I guess that’s the point to keep reading. In conclusion TMNT 116 is a rockin’ foreword of what’s to come. I hope Campbell uses more of that visual music style in 117 (especially when it comes to Bebop and Rocksteady). And with such buildup to this I’m eager to see where this goes exactly. And where it goes will truly make or break the story. 

There’s definitely going to be some shredding in the next issue and it ain’t going to be Oroku Saki, dudes.  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #116  is now available wherever comics are sold! 


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