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ReedPop Announces return to in person events in 2021

by Kyle Tobey

ReedPop, producer of some of the largest pop culture evens and conventions, has announced a return to in person conventions for 2021!

From the press release:

“Right now, we see a path forward for safe, amazing events that are going to look a bit different than usual, so that’s where we’re heading. Keep in mind what we communicate is subject to change as state and local guidelines are adjusted. I encourage you to stay connected with us via our newsletters, social channels, and websites to keep on top of the latest information right up to the shows.
ICYMI, our schedule for 2021 is:
Florida Supercon, Miami Beach Convention Center: September 10-12
Emerald City Comic Con, Washington State Convention Center: December 2-5
C2E2, McCormick Place: December 10-12”
As it stands, Florida Supercon is the first in person event for ReedPop since the pandemic put all in person gatherings on hold. There was been some success with reduced capacity in person events as shows with Wrestlemania and UFC, so  it can be done without becoming a “super-spreading” situation.
ReedPop will still be taking precautions to ensure everyone has a safe time!
More from ReedPop-
  1. We will be running all our shows with reduced capacity. With our new safety precautions in place, attendance and badges will be very limited so that we can ensure physical distancing. We’re working closely with each convention center to determine how many people are permitted in the building every day and at a given time.
  2. We are requiring approved face coverings for all individuals attending our events, including our exhibitors and staff. They must be worn at all times within our venues. For more information, you can visit the FAQ pages on each of our show websites.
  3. Temperature screening upon entry will be required to enter our events. Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be permitted to enter the event.
  4. We will have increased sanitization and cleaning with enforced physical distancing throughout the event.
  5. We have also adopted a firm no handshakes, no high-fives, no hugs policy. We’re all going to have to get very smooth and cool-looking at either the elbow bump or air high-fives. Please start practicing now.
It seems like ReedPop is serious about getting us back to convention halls while staying safe and healthy.
The last year and a half (oh glob its been a year and a half almost) has been insanely difficult on everyone. While a return to conventions isn’t a complete return to normalcy, its great seeing a light is coming. People have been hit incredibly hard, and artists and creators are one group thats been hit the hardest. Conventions were/are a source of income for many artists, so many smaller creators were operating at a loss last year.
If you are going to any of these conventions, please consider taking a trip to you artist alley and picking up something from a small creator. It will mean more than you know.
Be safe, don’t be a jerk, and have fun! See you at New York Comic Con everyone!

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