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TMNT – “Showdown” Recap

by Zach Gasior

“We’ve gotta find a way to shut that portal down.  It’s up to us.”


The Kraang are ready to put their plan into action, so Kraang Prime gives the word to bring the Technodrome from Dimension X.  Donatello and April intercept the orders, and now know there are only six hours to stop them.  The boys are ready for the responsibility and prepare for the mission, but Master Splinter reminds Leonardo that this must be completed – no matter what needs to be sacrificed.


While the turtles head out, April questions why Splinter isn’t also fighting.  Before she can get a satisfactory answer, her father creates a fake emergency to get her out of the lair.  While April believes she’s headed to give the turtles valuable information, Kirby actually leads her to an isolated sewer tunnel so the Foot can capture her, revealing in the process that they now control Mr. O’Neil.

 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown 2

The Kraang prepare for an assault on T.C.R.I. just as the Shellraiser arrives. Much to the aliens’ surprise, Metalhead bursts out of the van while the real turtles fly through the city on Donnie’s new gliders, using their stealth skills to enter the building’s upper floors.  Once inside, Leo fires a disintegration beam at the portal generator – only to find a force field in place and now all attention on them.  Back at the lair, Kirby O’Neil delivers Shredder’s message to Splinter, with Oroku Saki seeking a final duel.


Splinter arrives at Shredder’s lair, and quickly works his way to the top of the stronghold.  But to his dismay, April has already been given over to the Kraang.  While Splinter starts his showdown, the turtles struggle to fight off the Kraang.  Leonardo blasts General Traag to pieces, but he regenerates and Donatello only manages to get the force field down after the Technodrome is brought through.  In a last ditch effort, Leo destroys the power core and T.C.R.I. blows sky high.


As Splinter and Shredder continue their battle (with Shredder using every trick to gain the upper hand), the turtles have their wings clipped and must regroup at the lair.  Looking desperately for Splinter finds Michelangelo attacked by Kirby O’Neil, but the man is subdued by the others and has his mind restored.  Kirby tells the boys of the Kraang plan, which will require breaking into the Technodrome to stop.  Meanwhile, April comes face-to-face with Kraang Prime, and learns that her mental energy must be harvested to bring the mutation plot to fruition.

  Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown 3

The Kraang begin collecting humans off the streets for their experiments, allowing the turtles to sneak onto the Technodrome.  Nearby, Oroku Saki reveals his final trump card to break his foe’s will.  He kept HamatoYoshi’s daughter, and raised her as his own; as Karai. Distraught over this news, Splinter’s rat instincts kick in, pushing him within inches of victory.  But Karai interferes, saving Shredder and forcing Splinter to retreat.


The turtles infiltrate the Technodrome, but are quickly surrounded by Kraang soldiers.  Fighting off the horde, they find April at the mercy of Kraang Prime, and free her to make a break for an escape pod.  But Kraang Prime refuses to lose and gives chase.  Leonardo remembers his master’s words, and chooses to sacrifice himself to bring down the aliens once and for all.  The others escape as the Technodrome crashes to the bottom of the sea.  There’s no need to mourn, though, because Leonardo pulled a last second escape, leaving all the heroes safe and sound.

 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown

Finally back at the lair, everyone celebrates saving the world.  But Master Splinter is distressed, and from the looks of things, the Kraang were merely slowed down, not stopped.  They will be back, and looking for revenge.


The season has finally come to a close, wrapping up the Kraang’s first attempt at mutating the entire world.  Overall, the story was straightforward, and paid off for viewers.  However, many new questions were raised, and given that the series is already set for two more seasons, there will be plenty of time to answer everything.  Overall, it was a good episode, with plenty to discuss.  Be sure to check back soon for a full analysis!

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