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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #106 Story by Sophie Campbell with Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman Art by Nelson Daniel and Ronda Pattinson  Published by IDW  Released July 15th, 2020 The mutagen bomb’s fallout continues to affect NYC in increasingly disturbing

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Help this TMNT fan save thousands of turtles in his Turtle Sanctuary. Image Source:
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In the past, we’ve talked about the unfortunate results of Turtle Fever. For those who are unaware, sales of turtles typically spike whenever the TMNT franchise becomes popular. This happened once when the original animated series became a hit, and

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A Sea Turtle in its natural habitat. Support Sea Turtle Awareness Day! Source: National Geographic.

We love turtles. We love them so much that we don’t want to see them get hurt or mistreated. We want to help them continue living full, awesome lives. That is why we celebrate and discuss events such as Sea

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If ever turtle fans were looking to find all their original toys in perfect condition, then they had their chance last month. If they missed out, then it’s time to search through Mom and Dad’s attic yet again. During the

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“You can call me Wyrm.” – Wyrm   On their way to the next stop, the turtles get in some training with the Fugitoid’s simulator, taking on Chris Bradford in all three of his forms. Their post-workout meal is interrupted,

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