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TMNT Comic Review: Issue #57

Last we saw in Issue #56, the Utroms and Fugitoid have suffered an attack! Who are the culprit(s)? Keep reading to find out what happens in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #57!


Writer’s Note: Spoilers Ahead

First off, apologies on the delayed review. There was an alleged shipping delay request that did not halt all shipments in time, so different shops were receiving and releasing the issue over a two week period. However, this issue is well-worth diving into.

Issue #57 opens with the Utroms devastated over the murder of their own kind, and the Turtles are equally saddened to find the remains of Fugitoid scattered over the room. There is obvious tension between the Turtles and Utroms, who are clearly suspicious after a murder happened hours after being brought out of stasis. An interesting aspect to this scene is that this is the first time in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise that we have seen a friendly side to the Utroms, despite their obvious skepticism over trusting the Turtles.

It turns out that Leatherhead was the one that discovered the carnage. He was out saying a final farewell to Burnow Island, the Island he called home for so many years. When he returned, he stumbled upon the scene and sounded the alarm to alert the Turtles. This is starting to sound a little suspicious. However, Leatherhead mentions he smelt a fire while he was walking the Island, but was too caught up in his thoughts to think anything of it.

Leo and Raph join Leatherhead to go investigate the fire, while Donnie, Mikey, and the Utroms stay back to try to recover Fugitoid, who likely saw the individual(s) who committed this heinous act. While walking the tunnels underneath the remnants of the Technodrome, a large MOUSER-bot appears, likely a as leftover security measure, and is quickly destroyed by Leatherhead. Leo and Raph are a little shocked to see this, not realizing the raw power of Leatherhead until now.

Back at the lab, with the help of some Utrom scientists, Donnie is able to bring back Fugitoid! The only unfortunate part is that even though Fugitoid is a robot, his consciousness remains comatose, so he is unable to communicate for the time being. For now, the mysterious culprit remains at large. The Utroms request to keep working, and discuss why their Colonel Ch’Rell has yet to be revived from stasis, and remember, he was the Utrom guilty of committing war crimes, which the other Utroms appear unaware of.

Raphael and Leonardo continue down the tunnel when they stumble upon General Krang’s stone soldiers, Tragg and Granitor! The two are armed, but they are in rough shape. Burnow’s Island’s atmosphere is so terraformed that it is difficult for non-Utroms to survive. It is now clear that these are the coughing individuals from the earlier issues in the arc. The duo demand the Turtles hand over their oxygen tanks, and when they refuse, a fight ensues. The Turtles wind up victorious and begin to discuss why Tragg and Granitor attacked the Utroms and Fugitoid. When Tragg and Granitor give a look of confusion that they have no clue what is being referred to, Leatherhead goes berserk, attacking the stone soldiers. The comic ends with Leatherhead saying “he has another admission to make”, indicating he was the culprit the whole time.

Issue #57 was another fantastic issue. It is really nice having the Turtles together again as it creates a fast-paced story. And what a twist! I did not expect Leatherhead to be the villain. I also enjoyed seeing more of a personality to Tragg and Granitor, so hopefully we see more of them in the future. Kudos to Waltz, Santolouco, and the rest of the team for another great issue! Issue #58 will be the conclusion of the Leatherhead arc.

Who killed the Utroms? Who destroyed Fugitoid?

The Author

Ian Gaudreau

Ian Gaudreau

Goongala! My name is Ian Gaudreau and for the past few years, TMNT has become a serious hobby of mine. I have been a fan of the Turtles since I was a kid, but I became attached to their fascinating comic book history. I am a huge comic book fan, and the Turtles are my all-time favorite story. My primary focus is the current IDW publishing run, but I am familiar with most TMNT iterations. My job here is to share all that I have learned and give you my insight and opinion to the monthly comic books! If you would like me to review something, I would love to know what it is!

You can read me @iangaudreau

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