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Prime 1 Studio Reveals Price For 90’s TMNT Statues

Remember when I warned that these statues were more than likely going to be fairly expensive? Well, let’s just say that Sideshow is currently offering a payment plan for these statues, as the price of all four turtles together would likely be too obscene for most collectors or fans to afford. As I predicted, these 90’s TMNT statues are going to set you back quite a bit with the full set going for a price of $2,299.99. You didn’t read that wrong – if you want all four turtles in this set, you will have to pay over two thousand dollars to get them. If you can believe it, this is actually cheaper than I expected.

You see, Prime 1 Studio previously released a highly detailed statue of Raphael from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie produced by Platinum Dunes. That statue was $699.99 on its own, so you can imagine that adding three more turtles would have brought the price to almost $2,800. I doubt it will make anyone feel warm and toasty inside, but these 90’s TMNT statues are technically cheaper than they could have been. The problem is that they are still outlandishly expensive and it’s likely that only the super rich collectors are ever going to buy them.

Image of the 90's TMNT Statues created by Sideshow. Source: Prime 1 Studios.
Image of the 90’s TMNT Statues created by Prime 1 Studios. Source: Sideshow.

To be fair, the payment plan is much more merciful, coming to $258.75 for 9 months. Think of it this way: You could lease a new car for less per month than these 90’s TMNT statues would cost. I suppose it’s all about making priorities – and if you’ve got enough money coming in that you can make these Ninja Turtles statues a priority, then more Turtle Power to you! As much as I have harped on about the high price for these statues, the truth is that they are worth it.

After all, these are highly detailed representations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, modeled after their appearance in the original movie from 1990. All four turtles snap together into one display that is over 20 inches high. This isn’t a small or cheap product; these 90’s TMNT statues are crafted with a high quality resin that is designed to mimic the look and feel of skin, giving them an ultra realistic and lifelike appearance. In addition, if you do end up purchasing the set from Sideshow, you’ll get an exclusive shredder mask and nunchaku to add to the scenery of your set.

Image of the exclusive set pieces included with these 90's TMNT Statues. Source: Sideshow.
Image of the exclusive set pieces included with these 90’s TMNT Statues. Source: Sideshow.

This is probably one of the most costly sets of TMNT statues or figures that you will ever see. Don’t worry if you can’t afford it, there are several other options currently in development from other companies. To be honest, I think the NECA TMNT figures look just as good, and they are likely going to be priced at about $100 per figure. Even if these Ninja Turtles statues are too expensive, chances are that you’ll see something similar entering the market at a lower price point very soon.

What are your thoughts? Are these 90’s TMNT statues too darn expensive? Let us know in the comments section or via facebook/twitter.

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